Discover the power of a growth mindset

How jump rope changed my life

Discover the power of reading and the mindset hacks that will help you achieve more.

Personal Development

First you need to have the growth mindset to believe you have the capability for personal development. The books in this section delve into mindset and personal development.

Sales & Marketing

I have a passion for sales and marketing. Having acquired a business degree my whole career has focused around this area. The books I read here are to grow my knowledge within the space.


Those that have achieved great things in life are always an inspiration to me. Learning about those before us and how they achieved is a gateway to knowledge on how to succeed in life.


Keen to connect

I am always looking to connect people who are interested in the same things as me. Especially if revolves around personal development, sales and marketing. I have a passion for talking to people about big ideas and how these can be turned into reality. Hit me up on the below link.