Who said: Confidence is the liquor of the fool (and what does it mean)

There are many people in the world who create quotes. One of them is Confucius who said: confidence is the liquor of the fool.

Confucius was a Chinese philosopher and teacher. He was born in 551 BCE and died at the age of eighty-two (around 479 BCE). Confucius’ thoughts have been recorded in a book called “The Analects”. The quote that we are looking for today is an excerpt from The Analects.

Confidence is the liquor of the fool

Confucius’ quote: “Confidence is the liquor of the fool.”

This Confucius quote means that confidence is an illusion. Confidence is a false feeling of certainty. Confidence is being confident in something or someone. People that have confidence are people who are sure about something or someone.

According to him, the ones who are confident about something or someone, most probably don’t know what they are talking about. It just comes from the fact that they have too much confidence and believe that they know things. And sometimes even when they think they are right, it can be wrong. Confidence leads to the following delusion, which leads to failure.

What can you learn from this?

Now that you understand what it was referring to, how does this help you? The word confidence can be used when a person is confident about something. The word confidence means to have an understanding of something and to be sure about it.

Here are some ways you can apply the content of this article:

1) Confidence is the liquor of the fool

When we are confident, we often don’t know what we are talking about. But we have too much confidence in ourselves and believe that we do know what we are talking about when really, we don’t know. Have you ever been around someone who is confident about something or someone? How do you feel? Does having too much confidence make you uncomfortable?

2) Have confidence in what you can do.

Don’t have a problem that can only be solved with other people. When we are confident about something or someone, it is important that we understand what we’re talking about and know what we are talking about. It is not the others that need to understand; it is us who has to know what we’re talking about.

3) When you have confidence, you might be right.

When we are confident about something or someone, we most likely know what we are talking about. Confidence can lead to being wrong sometimes, but that’s okay. When we are confident about something or someone and really believe that it is the truth, then it is likely that there is a good reason for that confidence.

4) Have faith in yourself and others

Have confidence in yourself and other people too. When we have confidence in something, we can be sure that it is the truth. When we have confidence in others, it may be because we don’t know better about what to do with that person or because they are really trustworthy. If we have faith in ourselves and others, then everything will be okay. We just need to take care of ourselves first before taking care of others.

Other Confucius quotes and their meanings

1. Confucius said: “The beginning of wisdom is to know you know nothing.”

Explanation: A person with no knowledge at all means that a person is ignorant. It can also mean the same thing about a person who is not sure about something or someone. In both cases, Confucius was saying that we should have an open mind and be willing to learn about subjects we don’t know.

2. “Confucius said: ‘The superior man has no other virtue than in being modest.'”

Explanation: Being modest means that you are not conceited.

3. “Confucius said: ‘A father’s instruction should be in unison with his son’s nature.'”

Explanation: A father should treat his children the way they are or how they are naturally.

4. “Confucius said: ‘A man of worth should be able to empathize with others.'”

Explanation: To empathize is to understand the feelings of others and to sympathize with their emotions, in both external situations and internal. If a person can empathize with others, they are likely to understand things as well as let things as they are and accepting the situation without making any judgments.

5. “Confucius said: ‘I have not seen a person who loved virtue as he loved beauty.'”

Explanation: In this quote, Confucius was expressing that he only saw a person who loved beauty like he loved virtue.

6. “Confucius said: ‘It is hard to find men who are good and will be led by their superiors.'”

Explanation: We usually say that it’s hard to find men when we are referring to being hard to find good people.


As you can see, Confucius sayings often talk about how people are. They have to do with how people should behave. Many of his quotes talk about how a person should love virtue and make sure they understand it.

Confucius also encourages us to be modest and not think of ourselves too highly. We should know our strengths and weaknesses so that we can improve on those areas where we are weak but keep doing what we do well.

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