13 Amazing Developmental Growth Mindset Activities
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13 Amazing Developmental Growth Mindset Activities

Developing a growth mindset can sometimes be tough if you have been living with a fixed mindset. As the saying goes “A fish is the last to discover the water”, so is the same with discovering you have been living with the wrong mindset!

The growth mindset is important to adopt in your personal development because it can help you to discover the hidden potential that is within you! A growth mindset is simply a belief that you can do better and more importantly a belief that you have the ability to grow!

13 Amazing Developmental Growth Mindset Activities

This list of growth mindset activities is designed to help you to adopt the growth mindset. As with any new behaviour or pattern, it can be difficult to adopt, so I have tried to find different ways of introducing a growth mindset into your life.

1. Learning new things

Pick up a new skill or learn something that you are interested in and go out of your way to challenge yourself! Every time you learn something new, make sure you are going outside of your comfort zone, this is important as it is where we grow the most.

First start by writing a list of things that you want to learn, this will then help you to focus in on what you are interested in.

Then work out how you can challenge yourself! Challenge yourself to learn new skills, so that when you are learning the skill and challenging the skill in a group of friends at home, it will be easier because they will have been there too and know what it is like!

You can tap into resources such as Udemy or Coursera to make sure you get the most out of your time and don’t forget to have fun!

2. Meet new people

Once you have learnt a new skill, introduce yourself to others that are doing the same thing! The more people you know, the more opportunities you will have to learn from them.

Make sure you are meeting new people every day, for example, if you go to work, then meet someone there that is doing the same thing as you, and then introduce yourself!

This will force you to learn from them and be more social, which will help to enhance your learning curve.

Offer a helping hand to those in need and listen to them when they tell their experience. You might even find out that others have the exact same problem as you! As long as it’s not illegal of course.

Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy being social!

3. Create mental and physical challenges.

I love this one as it gives you a task and builds discipline at the same time!

The idea is to create a challenge that has both a mental and physical element to it. These could include taking up a new hobby, or maybe learning how to code.

Whatever it is, try to plan a challenge that will help you develop and grow your mind, as well as your body. If you are stuck for ideas then pick one of the below:

Planning for your trip to an exotic country? Then purchase Spanish movies and learn some basic phrases in Spanish. Want to get fit? Set a task of getting to 10,000 steps a day or run a 5K race. The idea is to get as little rest as possible, otherwise, you will end up at home instead of running!

4. Keep track of your progress

This is a step that can be taken by anyone, but when you have the mindset to keep track of your personal development, then it is a lot easier!

On paper or in another form, it doesn’t matter as long as you are keeping track of your progress. What I mean by this is that you are always deciding either yes or no on whether certain things have happened over time. It could be “I have grown” or “I have not”.

It’s important to mention that one thing you would like to track is the number of mistakes you have made. I have seen this help many people discover their hidden potential, as it can show how much they have grown from one mistake to the next!

So long as you are always tracking your progress, then it will become a part of your everyday life and help you towards adopting a growth mindset.

5. Write down your thoughts

This step will help you to become more aware of yourself, and by being aware of yourself you can learn how to be more accepting of other people. The key is to keep track of your thoughts and write down the different aspects of life.

You could concentrate on areas with which you are uncomfortable, or where you think others might not like you.

It could be an entire list or a few elements of each area, the goal is to make you aware of how you feel and how you react to things.

6. Listen to people you admire and respect

This is a very important one; and I noticed that many people I have read about in the past and present, had a habit of listening more to others than talking about themselves.

So make sure you are listening! Whether it’s asking questions or just sitting still, always be there and listen to the other person. By doing so you will come across as being more respectful and caring, which can only help you in the long run!

7. Look for feedback loops

This is a great step to take and helps you to gain an even deeper understanding of the world. Not only will it help you to grow, but also give you an insight into how others feel!

So long as there is a way for people to provide feedback on your actions and behaviour, there will be something that can be learnt. Maybe this could be by reviewing your website or even asking customers for feedback on a specific product or service.

By doing this you can understand how others see you and will be able to grow from that. Remember, it’s important to never be closed off for feedback, as that could hinder your growth!

8. Be a mentor

If you want to influence an outcome, then being a good leader is the best way to do this. One of the best ways to gain an impact is by becoming a mentor. However, you must be mindful of being both a good learner and a learner of others.

I believe that leadership is much more than people leading, rather it comes from a mindset of wanting to be more successful.

By becoming a mentor you can help others to grow and they will become more aid in achieving the goals they have.

To be a good mentor, make sure you know the person well and that they trust you! Always make sure to be on your best behaviour as I have seen people do this badly, thus ruining their chance at mentoring someone.

9. Schedule time every day to reflect and grow

This is a very important step! Remember that time is made up of pieces of moments, which can be used to help you improve. The only way you can grow is by scheduling blocks of time that are dedicated to yourself, where you can think and reflect on the day or week.

I recommend doing this at least once a week, but the more the better! This will help you review all your notes and see where your focus should have been.

This will improve your focus and help you to become more disciplined in all aspects of life!

10. Explore new hobbies

I have read about many people who become aware that their hobby has grown over time and this taught them a lesson in growth. The idea is that by becoming more aware, you gain a better understanding of yourself.

Don’t feel limited if you want to start a new hobby, as one that you chose might change over time and become a bigger part of your life. Remember to keep an open mind when trying new things!

11. Improve your memory with brain training

This is a step I have taken, and in fact, have been doing so for a couple of years now. I was inspired to do this by reading about brain training and how it can increase cognitive ability.

There are many different games that you can play on your phone that will train your memory, as well as other parts of the brain. My personal favourite is Lumosity, which has sections of brain games to improve your memory and cognitive ability.

This can be a step that takes time to show results, but it can help you to become more aware of your thoughts and actions. I have noticed that my ability to remember names has improved, as well as recall conversations from the past! This will help you become more aware of others too!

12. Ask for advice from others

This is an important step, especially when you are unsure of what to do. Try to find out from other people what they think you should do in life, and always remember that it is okay to ask questions.

By doing this you will learn how others see you and gain a deeper understanding of how they react. If the person relates well to you, then you will get a better understanding of how they view your current problems and so on.

This could lead to better relationships with other people, as you can learn how to live better and think more about others.

13. Learn from your mistakes

This is a step that I try to always do, but not many people really put enough effort in. If you have made a mistake then reflect on what you could have done differently and why it happened.

By doing this you will start to connect everything together, making it easier to understand why things happen the way they do. This will become a habit, and you will be able to prevent issues from happening again in the future.


Developing a growth mindset is tough as it takes a lot of time and effort, but if you put the right effort in, then it will pay off in great ways! Always remember to stay open-minded and try to learn from others as this can only help you.

By doing this, you have a chance of becoming a better person! I hope that this article has helped you or at least given you an idea on how to improve your life. Learn from these tips and try to use them in your life!

Evolving into someone with a growth mindset will change your life dramatically. It will make you more aware of yourself and it will help you to understand others better. Don’t be afraid to try new things, as this can help you to grow in life!

Do you have any tips on how to develop a growth mindset? I hope that this article has helped! If so, leave a comment below and let me know what your thoughts on this subject are!

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