happiness is fleeting

Why happiness is fleeting and why that’s a good thing?

We all yearn to feel content, satisfied, and happy. Happiness is one of our number one goals in life – but it’s not always easy to achieve. A lot of people walk around with puffed-up self-esteem that is almost impossible for them to lose. While is important, it’s good to remember that happiness is fleeting – and that’s what makes us feel fulfilled at the end of the day.

happiness is fleeting

If you’re too dependent on your pride, you’re missing the point that happiness is fleeting. As a society, we have been conditioned to believe that winning and being right are the keys to success. Proud people will fight tooth and nail for their ego, and they may not realize that they’re doing more harm than good.

What is happiness?

Happiness is the quality of the human experience – pleasant and satisfying. It is used to denote a mood or emotional state that doesn’t have to be constantly heightened but can be experienced at any level of intensity.

What makes people happy?

There are a lot of things that people do in order to find happiness. The following are just a few ways people find happiness: family, hobbies, money, and religion/spirituality. People who identify with these interests will find happiness in them.

How happiness is fleeting

“The human soul longs for something to worship. People have worshipped many things, the sun, the moon, animals and birds, trees and flowers, the Creator himself is worshipped in various modes. But by whatever name or form he is worshipped his glory can only be adequately known if he reveals himself to his worshippers.”

  • Buddha

This quote’s relevance in the context of this article is to demonstrate the fact that happiness is fleeting. The reason’s we find happiness in certain things may not last forever. If we base our entire life on these things and worship said objects it may not last longer than a few years, or even weeks. Buddha gives us an alternative to idolizing anything materialistic and explains that true happiness comes from within the soul, and that has been the case for millions of years before he was born.

Why happiness is fleeting and why that’s a good thing

Could you imagine being happy all the time? How would you know that you were happy? How would you be able to enjoy your happiness if it were constant? This is why happiness is fleeting. If happiness was permanent, we wouldn’t appreciate it. Therefore, the fact that we have problems, obstacles, and struggles in life is good because it makes us appreciate the “happy times” even more.

This is what happiness is such a powerful feeling. It’s amazing how happiness can make us feel on top of the world. This can make us feel like we can do anything and conquer anything. It is a very powerful state of mind and should be appreciated at that moment in time. Harnessing this feeling can allow us to accomplish so much more in life. We should cherish those moments when we are at the top of the world and do whatever it takes to hold on to them.

How we can work with happiness being fleeting

This is an important lesson that we can apply in our lives, not just for our own personal benefit, but for all of society as a whole. Recognizing this concept can have a never-ending positive ripple effect on everyone around us. We can help others to accomplish this by encouraging them to always be thankful for what they have.

This helps people move on from their problems instead of dwelling on them. We must also remember this concept for ourselves as well. It is important to learn how to not dwell on the bad times, or even the good times, but to look ahead and be hopeful for future events and possibilities. We must live in the present but we must have an eye towards the future as well. We must focus on the moment-to-moment of life and use it to our advantage.

Can you make yourself feel happy?

“When I was young, I used to be sad sometimes. But now, I am happy all the time. All of my friends have a problem being sad. They always have a problem, but not me. I’m happy all the time now.”

— Pompidou

You cannot make yourself feel happy or sad; you cannot change your feelings or your personality and you don’t need to. These are all illusions. All you can do is recognize the feeling and enjoy it while it lasts or try your best to avoid what you don’t like. In the end, happiness comes from within and this is not something that you can change because it’s a biological state of mind.


The lesson we must take from this is that happiness is fleeting – so we should try and experience it as much as possible. We also need to recognize that happiness will come from within us and not from external sources. Once we learn to live in the present, we can better enjoy our lives!

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