How Do I Know If Hypnosis Is Working

How Do I Know If Hypnosis Is Working (9 ways to tell)

After a person has been hypnotized, they may experience a variety of sensations. You might be able to talk to them in the midst of a trance or even put them into an arm levitation. Here are 9 ways you can tell if hypnosis is working:

1) The subject’s eyes might look glassy or unfocused;

Their eyelids might seem unusually heavy and this will only get more intense with time. The hypnotist might suggest to the subject “kick off your shoes” then in a matter of seconds they are bound and gagged.

How Do I Know If Hypnosis Is Working

2) The subject can only answer yes or no questions that the hypnotist asks them.

They may be unable to respond to questions about other things, for example, names of people at parties or what they would like for Christmas. They might even suddenly start saying, “I’m speaking English. The only other language I speak is Italian”

3) The subject’s voice might start as a monotone and become more animated.

The hypnotist might make suggestions to the subject to make their voice deeper or higher.

4) The subject may become paralysed from the neck down. In this case.

They might just not be able to move anything besides their head while the hypnotist continues speaking in a calm and collected tone. The subject’s eyes might dart around the room.

5) The subject may pick up their arm and start twirling their finger around in a circular motion then put it back down again.

They might also start making strange hand gestures or rock back and forth while remaining seated.

6) As a general rule, it is possible to suggest that the subject feel heavy or light.

This might include feeling like they are floating, or that they are so heavy that they cannot move at all because gravity is crushing them into the chair.

7) The subject may feel as though they can’t seem to grasp what is going on.

They might become confused and have a feeling of being lost. The hypnotist might suggest that the subject become lethargic, then put their tick in the corner of their eye.

8) As the session continues, the subject might suddenly begin to feel very alert or even overstimulated.

It is possible to suggest that they become extremely alert and focused. This might include feeling like they are ready to take on the world, do things that would normally overwhelm them, or even make them feel like every pore in their body is alive with sensation.

9) The subject might express a feeling that time has been “frozen”.

Everything around them feels much slower than it normally would.

As mentioned, these are just a few examples. They represent some of the most common sensations that occur in the course of hypnosis. How do you know if hypnosis is working? You can’t really know for sure. But you can tell by the subject’s reactions, body language and tone of voice.

How to know if hypnosis is working to get the desired results?

If you are someone who has been receiving hypnosis then you will want to test and find out whether or not hypnosis is working for you. To find out, you can try many different things including:

1) Test the results by using your common sense. If you are convinced that hypnosis is working for you then it will be easy to find out that it is indeed effective. You will know by your feeling of being hypnotized and a lot of people experience this same feeling too. Some people feel that they are more aware of their surroundings in the hypnotic state.

2) You can find out if you are really hypnotized by the use of a suggestion that you will not be able to open your eyes until such time that the hypnotist says so.

3) To test if hypnosis is working, just follow the suggestions without putting any resistance to achieve results.

4) By being aware of what is going on, you will be able to realize if you are really hypnotized.

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