How to make a narcissist miserable

How to make a narcissist miserable in 13 simple ways

Narcissists are everywhere, but they are better off hiding their true colors because whether or not they realize it, they suffer immensely when someone discovers their insecurities and acts upon them. So today I’ll show you how to make a narcissist miserable! It’s as easy as following these simple steps:

1. Don’t feed the ego

Narcissist can only show their true colors when they are surrounded by adorers and admirers. If they have to deal with people who are not easily charmed, they will try to use other means to make you fall for them (but be aware that if you do, you’ll get hurt in the long run).

When you don’t feed their ego you will notice that they will constantly brag about things that they supposedly own. This will become obvious when they say things like “my car”, “my money”, etc, in the middle of their sentences.

How to make a narcissist miserable

2. Be firm

Narcissists are constantly trying to make you fall on your knees, so they can enjoy your admiration and/or pity. If you don’t give in and stand firm, a narcissist will respect you for it. They may try to get back at you, but usually, this is only because of jealousy.

3. Do not submit to their manipulation

If you submit, you will become a victim. Narcissists always want to get something for nothing and if you give them your time, effort or attention, they don’t care about what you say or what your intentions are. They see the world through a distorted lens and they want to use people to get what they want. It’s all about “me”.

4. If a narcissist says something, believe them but don’t trust them…

Narcissists are not always truthful. However, if they say something you should believe it and research it. Narcissists will push your buttons until you react to one of their subtle provocations and then they will show you a smiling face and pretend like nothing happened to make you feel jealous, angry or embarrassed about yourself.

5. Don’t try too hard to understand them

You will never be able to understand how their minds work because narcissists lie constantly.

They are not at all interested in how other people feel. In fact, their goal is to make you feel jealous, or inferior. They seem to care about you, but in reality, they love the attention and the advantage of using you to get what they want. You can NEVER know what they’re thinking or feeling because if you try too hard and dig deeper into their mind, then it will become too painful for them so they’ll stop talking to you altogether (you have to walk a fine line).

6. Be cautious about their promises

Narcissists are very convincing and they know exactly how to make you buy in. They will promise you the moon and even though you know deep inside that they don’t mean it, a narcissist is so good at telling you things that you want to hear, that it’s hard not to fall for it.

7. Don’t trust what they say about themselves or others

If a narcissist brags about something or someone, ignore them (e.g. don’t believe what they say about themselves or others). Narcissists will do this as a way to control you, so don’t let them intimidate you.

8. Don’t give them power

If a narcissist is with you, he is your enemy and he knows it. He will try to fool you and make you feel bad when he knows that you are smarter than him and that they can exploit that feeling of inadequacy that eats at the heart of most people.

9. Don’t take their behavior personally

If you don’t feed the ego, it’s going to get hungry and angry. A narcissist will go to any length to control you and make you feel bad so they can prove that they are superior to you. Some of their tactics include denial, misunderstandings, fake apologies (because they are not really sorry, even when they say that), guilt-tripping, using your emotions against you and manipulation.

10. Don’t be afraid of them

Being afraid of the narcissist usually means that they have all the power and they look down on you. Once they realize that you don’t fear them, they will be able to use your insecurities to their advantage and put you in their control over a long period of time. Knowing this you can understand why it’s so important not to be afraid of a narcissist.

11. Don’t give in to their demands

Whatever the narcissist asks from you, don’t give it to them. You are not responsible for anyone else’s emotions, even his or her. Continue to be firm about your boundaries and only show compassion when he or she is suffering. Don’t let a narcissist take advantage of you emotionally.

12. Don’t argue with them

Despite the fact that they are manipulative and cunning, they will eventually realize that they can’t force you to do anything and their last resort is to try to make you angry. They may even say things that will hurt your feelings or make you think less of yourself. If a narcissist wants something from you, don’t let them use emotions as a weapon against you. You are smarter than they think, so don’t allow yourself to get manipulated. Narcissists love to put people in the wrong. Be aware of this tactic and don’t let your emotions get the best of you.

13. Don’t be afraid to call them out in public

If a narcissist is bothering you, and he knows that he is scaring you, getting away from him will be their goal. Narcissists can become very aggressive when they feel like their power is under threat. So, it’s always a good idea to call them out in public. Let him know that you have boundaries, too.


You cannot reach a narcissist’s heart. They are so full of themselves that they don’t have a place for love, compassion or even empathy inside them.

Narcissism is a damaging personality disorder that we should all be aware of since it cannot only affect you but also your family and friends because they will not hesitate to draw you into their drama and do everything in their power to destroy your relationships because they don’t want others to get the credit that they believe is rightfully theirs.

Be compassionate but don’t be fooled by their lies or fall for their schemes. Be smart and wise and treat others the way you want to be treated.

A narcissist is really not worth your time or energy because they will never change…and it’s not because we are too picky, cruel or shallow. It’s simply because they are incapable of changing themselves.

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