How to stop overthinking negative thoughts

How to stop overthinking negative thoughts in 15 easy ways

Overthinking negative thoughts can be one of the most exhausting mental processes that a person can go through. I know this from personal experience. The hamster wheel in your head of continuous negative thoughts that you can’t stop can drive you insane. It’s important to make it a priority to learn how to stop overthinking negative thoughts and we have 15 ways that we believe can help.

How to stop overthinking negative thoughts

How to stop overthinking negative thoughts in 15 easy ways

The below are a mixture of thought exercises, brain hacks and tools you can use to help you with such negative thoughts.

1. Practice Meditation to clear your ming

Meditation is a great way to clear your mind of any negative thoughts that you have on the spot. There are a number of different ways to meditate but the easiest and most common way is to sit down and close your eyes while focusing on nothing for 10 minutes.

We are massive fans of guided meditations and there are many available around the web. We’ve found that a meditation subscription such as Calm is a great way to start a meditation practice, with its easy-to-use app and calm voices encouraging you along the way.

Guided meditation assists you in beginning to clear your mind and relax your body. It’s also a great way to take a step back from the negative thoughts that you may be experiencing and just focus on yourself at that moment.

2. Do something that you are great at

We are all good at something in this world. Nobody is 100% useless. Take a moment to think about an activity that you are great at doing and then go and do it. This can be anything from playing an instrument to solving a complex math problem.

When you do something that you are great at, it gives you positive feelings and strong memories about yourself. You might also find that when you do something that you’re not great at, the opposite happens: You will feel down on yourself which can create more negative thoughts.

There’s a lot of truth behind getting a few wins in a row and what that can do for your self-esteem. So get a few runs on the board by doing that activity you are great at, even if it’s something as simple as making yourself a sandwich.

3. Practice self-care and self-love

Self-care is where most people go wrong. Self-care is not about spending money on yourself or doing something that gives you a temporary high, it’s about building up your sense of self and loving yourself for who you are. You do this by being nice to yourself and taking care of your body and mind in each moment that you can.

Only when you truly love yourself can you overcome negative thoughts because only then will you have enough confidence in yourself to know that it’s impossible for a negative thought to be true. Self-love is essential if you want to overcome negative thoughts.

Be kind to yourself and realise that it’s ok to feel bad about yourself at times, but it’s important not to dwell on the negatives in your life. This realisation is truly important as it helps you to move forward and work on yourself each day.

4. Journaling your thoughts

Journaling is a great way to get to know yourself and take time out of your day to reflect on things that are going on in your head. In this moment of reflection, you’ll be able to write down the thoughts that are going through your mind and then go back through them later, dissect them and understand why you have certain emotions about them.

Once you understand this, it’s much easier for you to get over negative thoughts as you can then move forward with a better understanding of your emotions. When you write you are able to detach yourself from your thoughts which helps you to see things clearly.

How to stop overthinking negative thoughts

This is because when you are writing, you are externalising your ideas and this will help you to gain more clarity about yourself. You can journal by hand in a hard-copy notebook or on your laptop via an app such as Day One if that’s easier for you.

5. Take an attitude of gratitude – Be thankful

Gratitude is as simple as being thankful for something in your life. Just because you have a negative thought about yourself, doesn’t mean that it’s true. The fact is that you have many qualities to be thankful for and if you’re not already doing this, start now.

When you do this, your mind will subconsciously give thanks to your body which will make it easier for you to believe the great qualities that you have and disregard any flaws that you think about yourself.

Set yourself a task in your journal to write down three things that you are grateful for every day and make sure you do this every day. Having a gratitude journal will give a deeper appreciation for the good things in your life and will help to override negative thoughts about yourself that you may already have.

This is a powerful way to get rid of negative thoughts about yourself without even addressing them because it means that your mind will be focused on the good things in your life, which will naturally push away negative thoughts.

6. Take some tips out of the book of Stoicism and ask yourself. What’s the worth that could happen?

When you feel negative emotions, it can help to ask yourself what the worst thing that could happen is. By being able to see the worst-case scenario, you put your mind into a problem-solving frame of mind which causes you to find solutions to your problems.

This works in a way that our minds always seek out problems and try to solve them, and if no problems are present then our minds will create one for us. Stoicism is a great way to locate the solution to a problem and it works by asking what the worst-case scenario is, which allows you to find the solution.

It also helps you to leave your negative thoughts aside and to ask yourself what the best-case scenario could be and how you can achieve it. You’ll find that this attitude of “What’s the worst that could happen?” will lead you in more positive directions.

7. Creative positive new habits to replace bad ones

It’s important to realise that negative thoughts are formed because of your actions in the past. This means that it’s difficult for you to stop yourself from having negative thoughts in the future until you change your current habits.

This is why it’s important to develop new positive habits that can help to reprogram your mind into thinking about reality in a different way. By changing what you do and how you do it, you will alter how you think, which will help you to see things differently and overcome negative thoughts about yourself.

For example, you can start to write down all of the good things that are going on in your life and go through them one by one. This is a great way of switching the focus away from negative thoughts and into positive ones.

By creating new positive habits, you help to reprogram your mind into thinking about things in a different way which will help you to overcome negative thoughts about yourself.

8. Turn off the mainstream news

It’s important to realise that the news is not a particularly good source of information for your mind. You would be surprised at how much of the mainstream media is filled with lies and propaganda and it’s not hard to see why.

News stations are run by corporations who are interested in getting their point across so that people will spend money on them or maybe vote for them which means that they’re not going to report on certain things.

It’s much easier for you to realise this because you have a different perspective when you are not following mainstream news sources. When you’re not getting your information from the media, it’s much easier for you to be aware of what is happening in the world as well as the political climate and the facts that are being presented.

Research shows that when people only watch one side of a coin, they tend to see things in a way that isn’t correct. This is why it’s important to see both sides of a story and only consume mainstream news if you want to.

If you’re able to turn off the mainstream media, then it’s much easier for you to become aware of both sides of a story as well as the truth behind what is happening in the world. This will help you to develop an awareness that goes beyond what the media wants you to believe which will filter out negative thoughts about yourself that are being presented by it.

9. Read books like Factfulness by Hans Rosling

Factfulness is a book that is full of incredibly positive and heartwarming facts about humanity and the world. This may not sound like a particularly helpful book for you to read but it could change your life.

Factfulness helps you to see the face of reality and also the face of statistics which are different from what they seem like on TV, in newspapers or on social media. The world is not the way that it’s being presented to you and the stats do not present a true picture.

How to stop overthinking negative thoughts

By reading this book, you’ll start to see things for what they really are which will allow you to refuse negative thoughts about yourself that you could have otherwise believed. There are also many other books like this available on Amazon if this one doesn’t appeal to your tastes.

10. Think about your social media habits

The concept of social media is an interesting one, that’s for sure, but it’s important to realise that it can be a very negative source of information for your mind. It’s not hard to see why because you’re being lied to constantly by the people who run social media.

It doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out why there are so many negative comments about celebrities on social media but this information is being presented in a way that wants you to believe it. It’s not hard to see why you would develop negative thoughts about yourself when these are the only things that you’re seeing.

Social media is a source of positive and negative information for many people and it works by giving you the option to see what other people have posted. The reason that it works is that there will always be some bad comments for every good comment but it’s up to you whether or not you want to focus on them.

If social media makes you feel bad about yourself then it’s a good idea to make some changes because you’re only being lied to. It’s not all that hard to change social media into a source of positive information for your mind and this can be done by simply focusing on the good aspects of it.

When you’re on Facebook, only look at the things that other people are saying that you find positive. This will force you to change your focus and switch to a more positive mindset. If you have a problem with the concept of social media, then it’s also a good idea to leave it behind for the sake of your well-being.

11. Use Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are a good way to reprogram your mind into thinking about things in a new way which helps you to overcome negative thoughts that you have about yourself.

In order to use affirmations, you simply need to tell yourself something that is positive over and over again. This will help you to start believing it and realise that it’s actually true which is why it works so well.

Make sure that the things that you’re saying out loud are positive because this helps reprogram your mind into thinking positively about them. You can also use affirmations to help you overcome negative situations that have happened in your life.

It’s important to realise that affirmations are one of the best ways for you to reprogram your mind and they help you to feel great about yourself and achieve things that you want. Affirmations are also a very effective tool for transforming yourself into a better person and a more positive version of yourself.

12. Remove negative people out of your life

There are a couple of reasons why it’s not a good idea to bring negative people into your life. The first is that they will only try to control you and the second is because they will constantly make you feel bad about yourself.

Being around negative people can only make you feel bad about yourself and this is detrimental to your well-being. You need to stay away from negative people because they will only make you miserable and unhappy.

In order to make sure that you don’t bring negative people into your life, it’s important that you focus on the positives in your life. The more positive that you are, the less likely it is that people will try to drag you down for no reason.

If someone tries to bring negativity into your life, then simply take control of the situation and make sure that they stop talking negatively about you. You never need to put up with negativity from anyone and it’s only ever going to make you feel bad about yourself.

It’s important that you don’t allow your ego to get in the way of your life and this is why negative people always cause problems. Ego is something that everyone has, especially when they’re feeling insecure about themselves or their life.

This is why it’s so important for you to stop letting ego influence your decisions because it will only lead you into more trouble than you already have.

13. Develop a life plan

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe what you want and that you deserve it which is why a life plan can be very useful. A life plan allows you to see the bigger picture of your life and helps you to start believing in yourself.

How to stop overthinking negative thoughts

If you have a problem with not believing in yourself, then it’s a good idea for you to develop some kind of life plan. This allows you to imagine your ideal future and that’s something that many people have problems doing.

By having a life plan, you’ll be able to see your ideal future and want that for yourself. It’s interesting that many people fail to have a life plan because they’re afraid of success or they simply don’t believe that it can happen for them. This is something that you need to overcome if you want to be successful in your own life.

If you already have a life plan, then it’s time for you to sit down and write out some goals for yourself.

14. Learn something new

If you’re feeling stuck, then it’s a good idea for you to learn something new. This new information is going to help you to expand your knowledge as well as show you some new ways of thinking.

This can be beneficial for your life in countless different ways and it’s always better to learn than to repeat what you already know. If you want hints on how to change your mindset, then it’s always a good idea to read the tips listed here on this website.

If you want to change your mindset, then learning something new is a good way for you to do so. It’s a good idea that you learn about yourself because it allows you to feel comfortable with the things that happen in your life. This is why it’s important that learn something new.

You could also try learning how to listen and hear what other people are saying instead of getting defensive all of the time. You may also consider learning how to practice limits on yourself which will help you to curb your bad habits.

15. Most importantly. Get more active. Try some exercise.

In order for you to overcome your negative thinking, it’s essential that you start taking care of yourself. The only way that you can do this is by starting to exercise more which will rebuild and strengthen your body.

Exercise allows you to build strength as well as allow yourself to release endorphins which make you feel great. In order for your body to work properly, it needs oxygen which makes exercise a must-do activity for everyone.

Try simple things like nature walks, jogging, swimming or gardening to make sure that you stay healthy and enjoy life.

Start exercising so that you can be as healthy as you can be in order to get rid of all your negative thinking. It can seem like a hard thing to do at first but once you start doing it every day, you’ll start to see results pretty quickly.

There are tons of different ways that you can exercise but the easiest way is to just get off your chair and start moving around. You can also find a workout buddy in case you don’t have anyone else to do it with.

It’s important that you start getting active in order to overcome your negative thinking and live the life that you want. In order to get started, consider checking out some of the links listed below and try things out for yourself.

Conclusion – How to stop overthinking negative thoughts

It’s hard for people to stop overthinking negative thoughts and it’s something that many have trouble doing. If this is the case, then you should consider trying some of the tips listed above.

You should start by realizing what you can control in your life and what matters when it comes to dealing with negative thinking. Acknowledge that some things are beyond your control and this will help to reduce your stress level considerably.

You should then take time to reflect on your life and all of the things that you want to achieve. This will allow you to set yourself up for success and keep you motivated throughout the day.

It’s a good idea that you sit down and make a list of your goals as well as create some kind of plan for yourself. This is going to allow you to feel more secure in your life while also paying attention to the things that are most important.

If you don’t feel satisfied or fulfilled in your life, then you should take time to reflect on your life and the things that have caused this. You can get rid of your negative thinking by changing what matters in your life which is why it’s so important for you to do so.

It’s important to understand that you have a lot of power over your own happiness and that the things that matter are within reach for you. You should then set yourself up for success by starting to achieve these goals and dreams.

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