if Your Dreams Don’t Scare You

The Truth Is if Your Dreams Don’t Scare You. They’re Probably Not Big Enough.

Dreams are valuable to us, and we tend to be very careful about not letting them go. So why is it that people often don’t know how big their dreams should be?”

The truth is if your dreams don’t scare you. They’re probably not big enough.

if Your Dreams Don’t Scare You

But what does this really mean?

Dreams in a sense of ambition is something that most people do have and desire. But not all of them are beyond the realms of possibility. I believe a dream should be so huge that it stretches your limits and you dare not take a single step towards it.

It should scare you so much that it makes your heart race, mouth go dry and knees weak. So much so, that you have to retreat from it for a second or two just to take a breather.

Maybe you’ve been dreaming about it for years. And at some point you also asked yourself this question, whether that dream would be too big for you to handle.

The truth is if your dreams don’t scare you. They’re probably not big enough.

Your fears are the biggest enemy of your dreams and the commander of your thoughts and actions, therefore, you will always gravitate towards what scares you more than what excites you.

How to dream bigger

So you realise your dreams aren’t big enough. How do you aim higher?

First, consciously try and keep expanding your mindset in every aspect of life. Start by empathising with yourself and thinking about what you would want to achieve or what you’ll like to see happen.

Ask yourself, “What is interesting about me?”, “What makes me happy?” or “What do I love?”. Reframe your thoughts and ask yourself these questions instead of the things you don’t want or wish for.

Second, jump head first into anything that you believe in the core of your heart, which truly makes you happy. If it doesn’t scare you and it makes you feel alive do it for real.

Once you do something and have a real experience with it, that would make you feel alive and excited, then you’ll start to build up confidence to do more things like that. You will find yourself dreaming big, working hard and making progress.

Third, be aware of the little things to progress towards your dream.

If your dream is to run a marathon and you’re training for it, start with running for 2 minutes around your house or for 5 minutes in your locality. If your passion is writing, maybe don’t start with writing the next Harry Potter book but rather write 500 words on a daily basis. The most important thing is to take action and take it from the starting point.

A dream by itself is nothing. The power of a dream comes only when you begin to realise it.

How to turn your dreams into reality

How do you turn a dream into a reality? It’s the power of how we frame our dreams, through the lens of our thoughts. Our thoughts make us believe that it’s possible. When you start to frame your dreams as a game and play it as if it were real, then you’ll realise that it is possible.

So take action on your desires and start working towards them every day for as long as necessary.

Take action and learn from each experience in life, improve yourself and develop each day.

Take a small step forward, learn from it and then repeat. Don’t give up until you have reached your dream.

Questions to ask yourself

● What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to me? How did I deal with it? How did I come back stronger? That’s what you do when you’re not afraid of the possibilities of failure. It’s easy to get success. It’s harder to come back, learn and grow.

● What do I fear the most? What scares me the most? How do I deal with it when it happens? How is it affecting my daily life? The more you allow your fears to come in the more they hold you back.

● What is one thing you dream of doing, but are too scared to do? It doesn’t have to be big. It can be something very simple and achievable. Why do you want to achieve it? Be honest with yourself.

● What scares me the most right now? What makes my heart pound every day when I get up? It’s okay to be scared of anything, but there are a lot of people who are not afraid of anything. They have no fear and they’re courageous. That’s amazing.


So what’s your dream? What is the biggest goal you’re striving for? Ask yourself honestly and don’t be afraid to dream big. Be brave, be bold, and see what happens.

Maybe what you’ve dreamed of actually will turn out to be one big step closer to your goal. The possibilities are endless, so dream big and never give up.

Keep pushing towards your dreams and let them become your reality.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Make your world bigger through the power of your thoughts.

Be happy!

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