Yes, Amor Fati is stoicism. It means that you should accept what happens to you, but only after you have considered it from all angles and understood that there is no point in fighting, as nothing good will come of it. Amor Fati is about acceptance and peace with one’s situation.

It is a Latin term and translates as ‘the love of fate’. This means that instead of fighting against what has happened to you, you should accept it and welcome it.

Is Amor Fati Stoicism?

Amor Fati is not fatalism, as fatalists believe that whatever happens to them is inevitable. Amor Fati people simply accept what happens.

The origin of the concept was in ancient Greek philosophy. During the Renaissance, it was adapted by several thinkers in Western Europe, who used it as a central tenet in their moral philosophies.

How to use Amor Fati

If you see some difficulty in your life or a bad thing that has happened, then you should not just accept it at face value, but you should think about the situation and determine if there is anything to be gained by fighting against it. If there is no reason to fight, then you must accept the situation. You can’t just sit around and do nothing, but you should try to see the best in your situation and be hopeful that it will get better.

This is useful for dealing with stress in your life or when bad things happen. If something bad happens, then you shouldn’t just accept it and move on immediately, but you should stay mindful of the fact that you have some options left.

For example, let’s say that your boss fires you and gives you no severance package. The first thing that might pop into your head is a desire to curse out your boss or threaten him with lawsuits or other drastic measures. But that’s wrong. You see, there is no point in cursing out your boss or threatening him with legal action when you are not in a position to offer it up yourself. You should accept the situation and then think about what you can do to get better. If it helps, you can apologize to him for the situation he has caused, at least this will demonstrate that you know how bad things have gotten and give you a chance to show that you have changed.

How famous Stoics have use Amor Fati

Marcus Aurelius

Emperor Marcus Aurelius would say: Amor fati. I am not yet able to understand how it is possible for things to be outside the course of destiny, nor how the world itself could have been formed without a beginning or end. But it is enough that it be possible for me to form some conception of these things, using my reason and – if it be worthy of the effort – even attaining some understanding. For surely there is nothing which we ought to wish that is not either within our power or at least in our control.


Epictetus told his students to accept all the happenings in their lives as they come, but only after they have decided that it would be better to do so than to oppose them. Epictetus said one must always keep one’s eye on what is true and not get caught up with the near at hand and superficial things. Once you have disciplined your mind, then you are free from anxiety even if a thousand different things happen to you – some being externals and others being either good or bad.


“Everything may be taken as an element of this art, just as the Stoics made philosophy the mistress of all other arts, so let us make use of these things for our purpose.”

Seneca was about peace with one’s situation, and he believed that things are not always what they seem to be. He asked for endurance in times when you feel the bitterness of frustration and regret. If you have accepted a situation, then you should restrain yourself from complaining about it. It is easy to say that you have accepted something when it has happened, but it takes skill and patience to accept the same thing when you are expecting it.

The importance of Amor Fati

Amor Fati is one of the main tools for coping with adversity, because when you are not afraid of situations, then you will be able to face them without fear.

Amor Fati is a tool for making the most out of life, because if you have peace with what happens in your life then you will be able to live more easily and calmly.

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