Jump Rope Transformation

Jump Rope Transformation – 100 Day Challenge

At the end of 2018 I had really got to a point where I just had enough of where my life had headed in regards to my health and my mind. I decided to end the yoyo weight loss and weight gain and commit to a body and mind transformation. As part of that in mid February I decided to commence a Jump Rope Transformation Challenge.

At the beginning I didn’t really know what I was trying to achieve, all I knew is that jump rope was a great cardio exercise and was also very efficient in burning calories. I intertwined the jump rope into my daily routine that I had already begun, which included an hour walk every morning and 3 gym session lifting weights.

Jump Rope Transformation

I will start by saying that jumping rope was really hard to start with. I have to admit there were many time where I felt like having a spew by the end of the work out in the initial stages of my challenge. This is even though I tried a staged approach to my 1,500 jumps a day, starting at 500 day. Technically it is classified as a high intensity training and it can be quite hard if you haven’t been doing any exercise that strenuous.

My Jump Rope Transformation Challenge

Just so you get a clear picture of how I did this I have documented my daily jumps. You can find it here on my Instagram account. I thought I would keep myself accountable and put it out to the world what I was doing so people could see the progress. I got this idea from David Goggins and his book Cant Hurt Me (which I highly recommend if you are wanting some hardcore motivation).

The first stage of the jump rope program I decided to ease into slowly. This is so I didn’t kill myself and risk over doing it and not wanting to return into it. So for the first 7 days I did 500 jumps a day. I was pretty bad initially and just to prove it, here is my first day of my jump rope transformation.:


Then after every 7 days I would add 250 extra jumps so that I built up to 1,500 per day by the end of 28 days.

  • Week 1 – 500 Jumps – 7 days
  • Week 2 – 750 Jumps – 14 days
  • Week 3 – 1,000 Jumps – 21 days
  • Week 4 – 1,250 jumps – 28 days
  • Week 5 – 1,500 jumps – 35 days
  • Day 36 to Day 100 – 1,500 jumps a day

I should also add that I didn’t do the jumps in one straight go. So for example when I was doing the 500 a day, I was probably doing 25 jumps per interval. Then I moved up to 50 jumps per interval, then I moved to 75 jumps per interval and so on. I currently do 100 to 150 depending on the day and how I am feeling. So please don’t threat, if you are thinking how in the hell do you do 1,500 straight? In my case I didn’t do it. I’m sure there are many other places that probably recommend it, but for my results this is how I did it and what I recommend.

This method actually works as a great interval between sets at the gym. It basically turned my gym sessions into a pseudo circuit training high intensity interval training session. People often had interested looks when I was doing this and curious to what I was doing. But hey it worked perfectly into my routine in the end. It made training really efficient and really accelerated by calorie burn.

Jump Rope Transformation Results

I have to start by saying how proud I am of myself and process a bit of self love right now. I am super stoked that I was able to add jump rope to my daily routine and it has now really become part of who I am. When it comes to building healthy habits I cannot recommend any higher doing jump rope and if you are in the need of doing some weight loss, trying a jump rope transformation.

So before I get into the results, lets embrace day 100 one more time!


I guess you have made it all the way to the results stage. Ok, so I need to be honest with you. I didn’t actually jump on the scales right at the moment of starting the jump rope transformation. But I can tell you that in Nov 2018 I weighed 127 kgs, I had done some work up until the new year when I weighed in at 124 kgs. By the time I started the challenge the last time I weighed just prior I was around 120 kgs. So I am going to assume that as my starting weight. My final result at the 100 day mark was 108 kgs.

So in total I lost 12 kgs in 100 days on my jump rope transformation challenge. To be honest I was expecting to lose a little more I felt like I was around the 105 kg mark, but in reality I was also hitting the gym and smashing the weights fairly hard. I have assumed in that time I had also put on a fair bit of muscle as well. When you look at as average in whole jumping rope I lost approximately one kilogram every ten days.

Jump Rope Transformation in Pictures – Before and After

So when I decided to do my end of the yoyo mind and body transformation. I had the foresight to take a photo oh where I was. I had blown out as I said previously to 127 kgs, the heaviest I had been in over 13 years. The picture on the right is me in this position. Then the middle one is the start of the jump rope transformation and the final one is at the end of the transformation.

Jump Rope Transformation

What did I eat during this weight loss transformation?

To be honest I didn’t “diet” in the traditional sense. I still had big nights out here and there when I would over indulge in both food and alcohol. But for most of the time I would have considered that I was removing most refined carbs out of my diet and where I could I tried intermittent fasting. So nothing too drastic, reduced carb intake and intermittent fasting intermittently. I might try and have a crack at doing a real hardcore cut in my next 100 days including doing dry July and cutting out all alcohol for a month to see what effect that has as well.

Where to from here?

Jump rope has definitely become something that is part of my life and it well and truly is one of those good habits I want to remain as I continue on my journey to my ideal body. I am sitting at 108 kgs but my goal weight is 90 kgs (I am 6’1 for some context).

I believe I am on the trajectory to hit my goal by the end of this year. So I will maintain the current regime that I am doing as I truly believe if a process is working, why mess with it. Stay tuned when I report back at the 200 day mark for my results.

Why did I choose Jump Rope for cardio?

I really do hate cardio with a passion. I like walking but that is not really high intensity. I’ve tried jogging before and found that to be something I am just not that good at. I then looked into jump rope, while it looked full on, what I did like about it was its efficiency of calorie burn. I once read a line and I don’t really know if it’s true but it said that 10 minutes of jump rope is the equivalent of 30 minutes of jogging.

From what I can see online you burn around 20 calories per minute jumping rope. So if you jump rope for 20 minutes ( which is kind of what it felt I did for 1,500 jumps) that would equate to around 400 calories burned in each session or 2,800 calories per week. Which is pretty awesome for just 20 minutes of exercise per day.

So to add to the walking I did a day which was around one hour at a fairly steady pace, this would be a further 350 calories burned in the day, bringing the daily total to 750 calories burned a day. This would bring the weekly total to 5,250 calories burned in a week.

Finally there was the 3 gym sessions a week where I also pushed as heavy as I could for around 45 minutes. This equates to on average 200 calories burned per session, a further 600 calories for the week. Bringing the total for the week burned from the exercise i did to 5,850 calories a week.

Now this kind of calorie burn allows I guess the slight indulgence at the same time as losing weight which is great. I never wanted to get into this thing to impede too much on my life from a fun stand point.

Finally Jump Rope is Perfect for Holidays

In the middle of my jump rope transformation challenge I went on a holiday to the beautiful Byron Bay in northern NSW in Australia. As part of going on this holiday I was super committed to continue my challenge. The beauty of jump rope is that this bad boy fits in your luggage and all you need to do is find a spot and jump to your hearts content. So finally please see below me enjoying jumping rope on holiday:


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