what is my life purpose

What is my life purpose & how to live a more purposeful life

Like many in the world, you probably have moments of trying to figure out what is my life purpose? You probably also have s feeling that you should be further ahead in life. You probably wonder quite a lot about how to live a more purposeful life. [efn_note]Leading a purposeful life[/efn_note]

You could be experiencing a frustrating sense you’ll never reach your full potential based on where you currently are now. This can be a confusing thought pattern especially if you do not understand what your life purpose is or if you even have one or should you even have one?

what is my life purpose

Am I alone is searching for a life purpose?

Allow me to place your mind at ease. This indeed is a common thought among many people. Over 100,000+ people search this a year. So you are definitely not alone in this thought bubble. It is definitely part of the human condition to figure out a what is my life purpose and what am I on this earth to do?

The great new is you are well placed to get to any path of purpose and finding that clarity of purpose This can be done as long as you establish the objectives in life to move forward with will power and a growth mindset. To find out more about how to develop a growth mindset feel free to look at our guide here.

what is my life purpose

Why do you feel like you have a lack of purpose in life?

The tension you experience in your mind occurs when your mind has a disconnect from your real self. This is definitely worsened by an inner voice that’s never satisfied till it gets what it wants.

I call this inner voice the internal doubter voice, which is acquired from a very early age that dominates your thought landscape. This is a sign that you are currently suffering from a fixed mindset. It can be very frustrating dealing with these thoughts. Naturally the human condition “suffers” from a negative bias which makes it hard to escape these negative thoughts towards yourself. It definitely can be done though, with practice.

To find out what your purpose in life is, you need to start working on your mindset to set you on a path of a purposeful life. It’s not whether you have a purpose its whether you are living a purposeful life.

How you feel is up to you, including your purpose.

Nonetheless however purposeful you consider your life may be, there’s constantly another place you long to be. You’re never ever pleased because the ego convinces you that joy will certainly be discovered once you go after that one task, that will set some purpose in your life.

The good news is you and only you have the power to control your mind and your thoughts. You and only you are responsible for how you feel. Finding out what your purpose is within you. It’s there it might be fairly simple it might be something big, but it is within you and you have every ability to discover it.

Does this longing feeling about your life purpose get you down?

Are you miserable and hoping for something more, whether it be a much better connection, boosted economic wealth, a far better profession or more material items?

Yet when you achieve some of these thing, you are just satisfied momentarily. Quickly enough, the excitement disappears and off you go, seeking another experience to maintain your level astoundedness. This feeling is known as hedonistic adaptation.

I compare this feeling to the scurrying white bunny in the story of Alice in Wonderland that frequently looks at his pocket watch while saying loudly: “Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!”

Appreciate the journey and not just the outcome.

This feeling is what you get when relocating from one success to another, without taking the time to appreciate your success. You’re not occupying your life and feeling the greatness of the moments that you are going through. However you are fleeing from the actual experience of what’s happening now and not feeling gratitude for what you have.

This creates a barren existence since you foolishly go after a plan without appreciating the objectives behind it. You’re not considering the journey but just the final outcome.

It is as though you are trying to adjust the future as you imagine it to be. We all recognize life seldom turns out as we want. There are always detours and also barriers that obstruct your well-laid plans.

“Position your day-to-day actions so time is helping instead of versus you. Due to the fact that time will certainly either advertise you or subject you,” writes writer Jeff Olson in The Slight Edge: Secret to a Successful Life[efn_note]The Slight Edge: Secret to a Successful Life[/efn_note].

You lose out on essential life lessons if you’re moving from one objective to another without analysing and taking in with thought what you’ve discovered. Being present through out the discovery process to the end goal is so important.

The realisation of what you have been through.

For many people this whole realisation process will have only happened many years after going through that moment in life.

As Victor Frankl in Man’s Search for Meaning says “Everyone has his very own specific vocation or mission in life; every person has to perform a concrete job that requires gratification. Therein he can not be changed, neither can his life be duplicated. Therefore, everybody’s task is one-of-a-kind as is his particular possibility to apply it.”

There is one massive realisation you will have and that is that your past has no predication on your future. Literally every moment in life is a potential to start something new without any consequence of the journey that has once passed you. This all leads to finding what your purpose in life is. They are all learnings in the journey of growth.

Be Present – the past is not the future

With that in mind, unravelling all of this and viewing life in the moment is very important when it comes to having a purposeful life. Experiences are neither good or bad, they are learnings, they are part of who you are and the journey of purpose that you are on.

Life’s experiences is simply a collection of gifts, you need to be aware of these so you can integrate them into your life. As part of this process to a purposeful life, you need to appreciate what is happening in your life right now.

On your journey of purpose, it is well and truly ok not to have all the information required now. Neither do you need all the financial capabilities

You need not have all the info, neither the financial resources, or the ideal problems to develop a purposeful life. What is required is a dedication to take tiny strides ahead, knowing the course will disclose itself as long as you promote a purposeful intent.

Master writer Robert Greene specifies in his acclaimed book Mastery: “Feeling inspired as well as invigorated, we can get over nearly anything. Feeling bored as well as agitated, our minds shut off and we come to be increasingly passive.”

Do not mislead yourself; your past does not form your future anymore than the recently weather foreshadows the weather conditions 5 years from now.

Your past has actually brought you to this point and offered your degree of understanding.

You are reading this because you value your individual development and also this signifies progression.

Your life’s journey will unquestionably consist of detours, troubles, obstacles and also failings.

This is the process of life, my dear friends. Nothing is set apart from the knowledge that you can reach your greatest potential. But you need to realise this undoubtedly.

I’m attracted to this passage by author Victor J Strecher in his book Life intentionally: How Living wherefore Matters Most Changes Everything: “Whatever we experience, we can check out purposeful living as a way to give us greater strength, and also perhaps even growth.”

Lots of people play the game of life while backed onto the ropes because they work under deceptive ideas of just how life needs to be. It’s a false illusion of reality built on societal and cultural norms.

This is a recipe for failing due to the fact that your thoughts about life is not developed in reality, but it will bring torment and discontent. If you think in such a way.

9 Steps to a purposeful life

1. Create a compelling future

Exactly how do you want your life to look in 3 years from now? How are you spending your days? Where are you living? What people are you hanging around with?

Creating a compelling future is crucial. If we understand where we’re going, it’s less complicated to recognize what to focus on and also why doing it matters.

Two wonderful ways to obtain more clarity on what you desire for your future self, is to write as well as meditate. Simply ask yourself “How does my true life look in 3 years from now?” Then open up to get information either by writing down what enters your mind, or by meditating on it.

2. What are your whys?

What is the purpose of every little thing you do? Do you have one or numerous why s linking it? If the answer is no, you wont really feel attached to your purpose.

Children understand this inherently. They always ask why to everything. Why should I cleanse my area? as well as Why should I complete my supper? If theres no purpose to what we’re doing why bother?

So, check out your schedule and what you’re agreeing to do. Do you know your why for them? If so, after that maintain moving on. Otherwise, then start doubting if thats even something you should spend your time on.

3. Find your mission for your purposeful life

My mission is promote the growth mindset to help people achieve the goals they want to in life. This has become my mission as I can see how the fixed mindset is causing havoc on society. It prevents people from reaching their true potential. Guiding and teaching people to their true abilities can be very rewarding and it brings me great joy to see people becoming better at what every they choose to.

Having a mission that is bigger than who you are will help you with focus and drive a true purpose. When times do get tough you return to this purpose and it will set you back on the right path again.

Begin with the end in mind. What would you like to serve others with? What pain have you experienced, or what are you passionate about?

4. Just Do It

Are you constantly waiting for the right moment to do something. Procrastinating on the idea of doing it. Well let me tell you. Just do it already!

There is never going to be a perfect time. Things will never be ideal. If you continue to place barriers you will continue be in a state of pause and not progressing forward. Don’t ever live life with regrets. Get up there and do it. Even its hard, even if you think you will fail. Do it and learn from your experience.

Start now. However small those steps are. It will just commence that burst of momentum you need.

5. Baby Steps

Don’t let the urge of just doing it, biuld into overwhelm. Pace yourself pal and build to that end goal or purpose. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither can you purpose in life. Take your time, but move in a positive direction to that purpose.

6. Have laser focus on the one thing

Pick one thing and start. Don’t try and over exceed your brains capacity to focus on too many things. In fact just do one thing. Just concetrate on that one task or purpose.

Once your at a level of competence, add something else. Just keep on building those layers.

7. Take the essentialist model

Learn how to say no. Because you need to be picky with your time and choosing what you can and cant do will be your make or break for success. Do less but better. If something is not important dont do it.

If something is going to get in the way of your purpose. Learn how to reject these tasks or offers as they will prevent you from getting your goal. Essentialism is key in finding a purpose.

8. Look out for obstacles

Obstacles are not going to be the make or break of you. But we aware that sometimes you will face some barriers. That’s ok, you will figure out a way around them.

Blockages are part of every day life. Don’t let them be the end of your purpose. March on trooper you have success ahead of you.

9. Read and learn

Lastly, continue to consumer information that will help you achieve your purpose and become a better person. Most great minds make a habit of reading so should you.

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