People Come Into Our Lives

Why Some People Come Into Our Lives (5 Reasons)

When reflecting on life we sometimes wonder why some people come into our lives. Perhaps they are just an innocent bystander with no ulterior motive, or maybe they are a person who has been hurting us in some way. For some people, there is a reason as to why they have come into our lives and here are five possible explanations.

People Come Into Our Lives

1) They are meant to make you grow stronger.

They say that life is all about growth. If you can’t recover from the bad experiences in life, if you can’t learn and grow to become better at dealing with them, then you will never get any stronger. Whether it’s a cheating partner or an unreasonable boss, we all have to deal with difficult people at some point in our lives; so when these people come into our lives we have to take the opportunity to learn from them and grow stronger as a result.

2) They are meant to remind you of things you have forgotten.

Your life is full of experiences and lessons that have helped you to become the person you are today. Sometimes, however, those lessons can be hard to notice and remember because we have become so used to life the way it is that we don’t even notice the little things anymore. Those people who come into our lives unexpectedly are there to remind us of things we have forgotten, but may need to remember again in order to grow as individuals.

3) They were meant to be temporary.

Sometimes you meet people and you develop a strong connection but their time in your life comes to an end and that’s okay. There are many times in life where it seems as though something is missing, as though something wasn’t quite right, but that doesn’t always mean there is something wrong with you. These experiences can be difficult at first, but they can really bring us closer together when we recognise the transient nature of them.

4) They are there to show you what you shouldn’t have.

While some people might be there to show us that life could have been better if we had chosen a different path, some come into our lives and remind us of what we don’t want to become. Sometimes, it’s about understanding that there is a difference between the present and the future. You don’t want to let your present circumstances sway the decisions you are making today simply because you want the future to be different.

5) They are there to help you find people who can be in your life for a long time.

Some people come into our lives and they stick around, while others leave as quickly as they came. Some people leave as soon as we realise they are not right for us. These people who stay in our life do so because they are meant to be in our lives for a very long time. Some people might be able to stick around for a short time, but not for a long period of time.


People come and go in a person’s life for many different reasons; the purpose for which they are there is often the most important thing. If you believe there is a reason for them to be there or you see the lessons you have learnt from them, then they will probably continue to stay in your life. It is a choice.

One thing is we should be thankful for those who in our life are always with us in some way. We can learn from them and benefit our lives. We should love them for what they do for us, for how they inspire us to become better and how we learn from them.

We should love and be thankful for those who have come into our life. We should not forget that one day they most likely won’t be there any more because one day we will be gone too so we don’t want to lose a friend, or a loved ones while they are still with us.

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