perfect role model?

What is a perfect role model? (Top 10 traits that identify one)

The perfect role model is someone who you can look up to, question, learn from and emulate. They don’t need to know everything or be perfect; they just need to strive for something worthwhile.

The perfect role model depends on the individual searching for one. Not every person will look for the same traits in a role model, but there are a few basic traits that many people look for. These include intelligence, consistency, honesty and kindness. Many people also look for social acceptance in their role models and follow those who have strong family relationships. A role model could be someone who has been successful in any field of endeavor. This can be a sports figure or politician.

perfect role model?

What is a role model?

A role model is the one that you seek to emulate, they are that example of their actions and morals that you wish to become like. They could be someone you admire, someone who has achieved something with real conviction, or someone who simply inspires you.

Role models play an important part in society as they help us to become better people. The fact that we look up to someone and try to become like them is a credit to how important they are, as they have made an impression on us that allows to see a positive change in ourselves if we would follow their example.

Why role models are important?

Role models are important because they help us to aspire to ongoing personal growth and development. The fact that we seek to emulate them means they have become an example of someone who has been successful in life, therefore their influence is powerful and significant. They are one of the reasons that society is so rewarding, as the continuous effort to improve ourselves can be quite uplifting.

Some role models may be less famous than others but people will still aspire to follow their example in all ways possible for personal change. It is their hard work, attitude and beliefs that help us to better ourselves.

What makes a good role model?

A good role model is someone who has values that you want to aspire to. They are also someone whose actions align with those values, as well as being consistent in their daily life. A good role model is someone you can trust and rely on, who supports you when you need it. They are also people who showcase success at what they do, whether this be famous or not.

When to find a role model?

You should be able to justify your choice of role model, since they can make you decide whether they are a good role model for you or not.

Born with this sense of identity and need help in achieving goals as it is innate and instinctive. When we know at an early age what we want and have the desire to achieve it plays an important part in moulding our personality.

We all have character flaws, habits, virtues and vices that make us unique individually. Sometimes the influence of a role model can modify them

For example, many children look up to famous athletes that have achieved great results in their sports. It is not just for their talent, but also for their attitude and behavior that children can look up to.

How to identify the perfect role model for you?

Different people will appeal to different traits. The same person may have different qualities in different people, as everyone is different and has different views of what they would want in order to identify the perfect role model.

The perfect role model, however, has the following traits:

1. They are self-motivated and ambitious.

They want to achieve something greater than themselves. These people usually have a strong sense of themselves and like to be pushed to see what their limits are. If you have someone in mind who has achieved a lot, they will have been giving their all to achieve it, and if you decide that this is the kind of person you want to emulate, then start working towards it yourself.

2. They are intelligent.

The perfect role model is one who has a strong grasp of the situation, with a healthy amount of intelligence to weigh it up and make the right decision. This does not mean that they are necessarily book smart, but they do have an ability to see what is going on around them and analyze it quickly enough to make the right decision in any given situation.

3. They are honest and trustworthy.

If you are going to emulate someone, you need to trust them fully. This means that they will never lie to you or cheat you in any way. It is important that your role model is someone who you can truly trust, otherwise it will make it hard for you to look up to them and strive to be like them if they are going to cheat people or deceive them in any way.

4. They are kind and compassionate.

It is important that the role model you aspire to emulate is someone who does not put their own needs before those of others, favoring them any longer than what is necessary. This can be demonstrated by how they treat people, as well as disciplined in how they act with respect to other people.

5. They are friendly and charismatic.

A person who can get on well with anyone they meet will be the kind of person that others like to be around. You need to have someone in mind who is not too shy and can break the ice in any situation. People who are not afraid to take the lead will go far, so you need a role model that is able to handle people with ease, even if they are not used to them initially.

6. They are persistent and will try to do anything.

They are not easily discouraged, even in the face of difficult obstacles that stand in their way. If you want to emulate someone, you must hold onto their desire to achieve it until they actually get there. If your role model is someone who gives up easily, then where will you be in their place?

7. They are courageous.

They do not back down from a challenge, even if it is difficult. They view things in the grand picture and have the courage to fight for what they believe in. Courage is about staying true to yourself and doing what you feel you must do in order to achieve something worthwhile. The perfect role model never backs down no matter what the situation or obstacle facing them might be, but rather fights with heart and soul until they achieve their goals.

8. They are lucky.

It takes a bit of luck to achieve what they have. These people are the ones who are lucky in all the right places and at all the right times. They make their own luck, but at the same time, they know how to take advantage of it when their luck is in their favor. Luck is something that can be taught, and if you take into account how lucky your role model has been, then you can learn how they did it and apply it to your own life.

9. They are someone that is respected.

They are well liked by many people, and they have done something that has been recognized as a positive change for others. They will be people who you can look up to and aspire to be like, because you know that they will never let you down. Their strong personality and drive to help others will shine through.

10. They are hard workers.

They always put their best effort into everything that they do, even when it becomes difficult. They will take on any challenge and give it their all in order to achieve success. If you are looking for someone to emulate, you need to find someone who is a hard worker and never gives up until they get what they want.

Some example role models you can adopt

  1. Albert Einstein – physicist, mathematician, philosopher and academic.

Albert Einstein is known for being a physicist, mathematician, philosopher and academic. He is a well-respected man with many good traits, which you can use as a role model for your own life.

  1. Steve Jobs – businessman and inventor.

Steve Job’s was the businessman responsible for creating some of the most famous technology in recent years. His drive to create new products and ideas have inspired many people to become entrepreneurs of their own small scale businesses, using the idea of creativity as their fuel to success.

  1. Mark Twain – writer, comic genius, and bon vivant.

Let’s start with the man of letters, Mark Twain! He was a journalist and writer whose humor was legendary, as well as the creator of some funny words that we still use today. He was also known as a bon vivant, who enjoyed life to its fullest and had an unparalleled sense of optimism in almost everything he did. All these attributes can be used by you to be more positive in your outlook on life.

  1. J.K. Rowling – author of the Harry Potter series.

J.K. Rowling is the author of all seven Harry Potter books, which have been made into a film series that has brought her great success in many ways. Her own individual story of success is one which shows individuals that you can start from zero and still be a success in your own life, as well as inspiring thousands of fans to follow her footsteps.

  1. Oprah Winfrey – talk show host and media mogul.

Oprah is the host of one of the most popular shows in television history, which has transformed her life from a struggling young girl, who had to drop out of school at the age of 15, to a woman who is worth over 2 billion dollars and has changed millions of lives through her own show, as well as inspiring thousands with her words. She can be called a role model for women around the world.

  1. Abraham Lincoln – politician and lawyer.

Abraham Lincoln was a very well-known person during the American Civil War. He had become known for being a politician and lawyer of note. He was also a role model for many people, especially those who were at war with others, such as slavery. A lesson that we can all learn from is that even if you are at war, you can be victorious through determination in your mind and heart.

  1. Michael Jordan – basketball player.

Michael Jordan is one of the best basketball players of all time, known for being an amazing baller. He was able to be the best without giving up on his own self, and that is something you can also learn from. He used his own self-confidence as his weapon and only gave what he was capable of to achieve things that were beyond him.

  1. Steven Spielberg – Director and producer.

Steven Spielberg has directed some of the most popular films in recent history, including Jurassic Park and E.T. He is also a producer of many more movies, and has helped bring about new innovations in the movie industry. He is someone you can look up to for inspiration and ideas on how you can make your own movie.

  1. Ghandi – philosopher and activist.

Ghandi is a man who is known for his philosophy in life, as well as being a very political activist. He was able to make changes in the world through his own self-belief and life lessons that he had learned over time. He believed that if you could help others, then you could do some good in your own life. This is something that anyone can learn from to help others with less than you have, or yourself when you are down on your luck.

  1. Socrates – philosopher and teacher.

Socrates was a philosopher who taught basic beliefs throughout the years. He was a man who had much knowledge of what was real and what wasn’t, which he also taught to his students. He also believed in educating yourself as well as others about the most important things in life.

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