Abraham Lincoln once said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it”. How true!

Look around you. Your desk chair, your pencil holder, your favorite coffee mug? Yep, all created by someone else in order for you to be able to have them too. And that’s not even mentioning all the aspects of our lives that weren’t pre-made for us at all which we built for ourselves with sheer willpower and ambition!

The best way to predict the future is to create it

The future’s in our hands (or at least a huge part of it). And yet, most people don’t realize how much of it is actually in their hands.

That’s the problem with jealously looking at other people’s accomplishments and flashing up pictures that made you feel unworthy and then telling yourself “Well, that’s not for me”. How can it be? It’s your future too!

It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, old or young, male or female. As an individual, you have the same tools to create tomorrow as anyone else.

How to create your future?

Or, put differently, how to make your life live up to your dreams?

Well, the answer is actually simple. It’s surprisingly simple really. All you have to do is simply realize that you’re the only one who can create tomorrow and then take an active approach in doing so. That’s it! Done!

But it’s not that easy. It will demand change from you. But then again trust me, nothing great ever came out of staying “as is”. Instead, you’ll do better by working on making your future great and starting now.

Here are some action steps to take and some rules to follow:

1. Start today and make your future great!

Start today by becoming the person you would like to be in the future. Think about it from the perspective of the past and future when you were a kid, think about what you want people to say 10 years from now when they know that you have done something great with your life.

Now you’re getting to the heart of it. It’s all about you, not your possessions and not other people.

In fact, that’s the whole point of this article. Don’t be envious of other people’s accomplishments or their possessions. You are the one who has everything to do with your future, and you can make it live up to your aspirations by simply starting today.

2. Do the hard stuff first.

It’s always better to do something right instead of doing it wrong later on. What I mean is that look at all the things you want in your life and start planning for them today. Once you have a plan for your future, identify things in your life that will help you reach those goals. Then set aside time to work on those things and get it done well before that future day comes along, don’t put off starting until later.

You have to do the hard stuff first.

One key tip I can offer you is this: remember what Edison said: “I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. Commit to working on something but only if it’s something you believe in. Once you commit just keep going with it and don’t give up.

Think about it. The most successful people out there weren’t on the top of their field by accident. They worked hard and not just on a whim.

Think about it, if you get this right then you’ll feel better about your future and even more inspired to create something great in your life.

3. Don’t wait for inspiration to make your future great.

The hardest thing to do is to take action. And the most difficult thing to do is to get yourself motivated enough to take that action.

Add this action step now so that you have a baseline of what you’re going to be doing when you wake up tomorrow morning: I will wake up at 5 am and go for a 20-minute run followed by reading through my “Things I never expected in life” journal before starting work at 9 am. My goal is to get one new client per month.

Make this action step your best friend, then follow through and stick to it. Don’t let anything come in between your dream and you.

4. Be a person of integrity – do what you say you’ll do.

This is one of the most important rules that I can offer you when making your future great. In business you’ll be working with other people and partners. They don’t want to be working with you unless they know that whatever they’re buying from you, they’re going to get more than what they were expecting at the beginning.

People will invest money in you if they believe in your vision, if they believe in your ability to help them make their lives great.

Don’t undervalue yourself or sell yourself short. Be a person of integrity and show people what type of person you are outside of the business world. They’ll like you for it and eventually they’ll be coming back to buy from you.

It’s your future, make it great!

Nothing is more powerful than a vision for the future.

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