For many years I have allowed my mind to get entangled into areas that really add minimal value to my life. Around mid 2018 I decided that I needed to find a basic life strategy that would help my need to clear my mind. I was obsessed with the state of civil discourse (or the lack there of), I was entrenched in animal rights and finally was wasting much effort on politics. It finally dawned on me thanks to Facebook how much all of this noise was just taking up much needed daily brain capacity.

the need to clear my mind

I had a Facebook feed which was a combination of the latest ill conceived PC outrage, the latest terror attack or finally the latest natural disaster. It was a pretty negative arena and consuming such information on a regular basis was really affecting me and played a major part in my frame of mind and my general mood. Consuming negativity, breeds negativity. I simply wondered what was the point of consuming all of this information?

Had I become selfish?

It seemed selfish not to care about these matters of the world. If I was to ignore did it mean that I dud not care about the ills of the world? The reality is that I did, but having this load of negativity cannot be a good thing for your mind. So I made an active decision to remove thinking about it. I mean I am fairly in touch with the social injustices of the world but having it part of your daily intake was not a recipe for a good head space. I decided it was time to turn it off.

When I finally decided to cut the cord in early October to Facebook, it felt like a weight off my shoulders. No longer would I be reading peoples shitty opinions or their faux outrage to prove their virtuousness. Worrying about the collective hypocrisy of the western world was just a fucking waste of calorie consumption in my cranium. I quit Facebook and moved the fuck on. Not a bleep of goodbye, I just got the hell out of dodge. It is one of the best life decisions I have made in a very long time.

The release of the Facebook addiction

FINALLY I was starting to feel like I was making ground in the headspace front. Allowing my brain to focus on the things that really mattered. In simple terms, focusing more on myself, which meant more family time. Genuinely the most important thing in my life was my family. This gave me time to spend with them. Rather than worry about world issues that had little to no implications on our life.

I had been neglecting family time for the opinion of fools. I wasting my own energy spurting opinions that made no real difference to the world. A harsh reality is that social activism is pretty much bullshit! Nothing really comes from virtue signalling apart from rubbing your own self important ego. Yes I played a major part in this as well, I’m not immune to this fatal addiction. Better to realise now rather than many years later of wasted time and energy.

What else could I cut out?

As it came towards the end of 2018 I was beginning to realise even more time wasters in my life. The biggest of them all. The idiot box. Yes watching TV is fun and yes they make awesome shows that are extremely entertaining. This form of consumption, while not really malicious, really does take up time. This time could be used to actively make your life better. Yes some shows are awesome. But being picky about this can add volume of hours back in your life every week.

I can’t remember the specific moment but I had basically stopped watching TV on a daily basis. Refocusing that energy back into self improvement of both the body and clear my mind. I reserved one night a week to watch a movie with my wife, just to get some chill out time. Suddenly after booting both Facebook and Television, I had recaptured probably 15-20 hours a week in time.

What did I do with all this extra time?

There were three things I was really wanting to change up in my life to clear my mind.

  1. Getting healthy once again.
  2. Read more books and learn new things.
  3. Spending more time with my family.

At first I was really doing parts one and two very well. Unfortunately too good to be honest and did to an extent lead to too much me time. With a goal of punching out five million steps and reading five million words this meant this time was chewed up very quickly by these activities and not a lot for number three. So at this stage i still had a need to clear my mind.

After about two months things came to a head at home and the wife made it clear that she had noticed the time I was having. It was clear that she was not super happy with the amount of time that I was spending on myself. So we made a compromise where she would also get her alone time and get some walking and reading in. She saw the benefits it was having on me.

On top of the walking I decided thirty days ago to commence a jump rope challenge. This was the next phase of my health kick. While I was doing on average 14,000 steps a day and three gym sessions. It didn’t feel like I was pushing my physical boundaries. After seeing a couple of videos on jump rope I decided I would make an effort and jump rope. Starting with 500 a day, and adding a further 250 every week. I find myself finally completing the challenge. I plan to continue the challenge for a further seventy days. This definitely helped clear my mind.

Clear My Mind and Healthy Habits

The results that I have found from the ability to clear my mind has been an overwhelming success. I am much more happier. I am concentrating on the things that matter. My exercise program is going well. On track to hit the 5 million steps. Have learned a lot from the sixteen books I have read in the first 11 weeks of the year. Things are looking really good with my life right now.

I have truly placed my self in a position to succeed. I have reset my thinking from removing some terrible time wasting and negative mindset creating habits. There is definitely a bright future ahead and I feel that I am on a path to achieving things I could never have imagined before. Some people would suggest I have already achieved a lot of things, but there’s always room to grow even more.

The opportunities in life are endless and unless you put yourself in a position to get there, you never will. Great habits, positive thoughts and good people around you is a recipe for happiness. I know it’s only the beginning of this new journey but I truly believe you can design your own mindset and set the way you would like to think. The way you think and your mindset will ultimately forge your future. If you want a positive future, it starts with a positive now.

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