Thinking Like A Millionaire

Thinking Like A Millionaire (17 Ways to develop the mindset to succeed)

Thinking like a millionaire is the ultimate form of acceptance. It means you know that, if you get certain steps in place, the sky’s the limit for what could be yours. Whether you want to break into acting or start your own business venture, this article has infinite amounts of empowering nuggets of wisdom and positivity.

A millionaire thinks in a way where they can give more, and sometimes even sacrifice for other people in need. A lot of people think that if they are not making as much money as a millionaire would, then they are not successful. But that is not the case. A great example of this is George Lucas, who was ranked at #6 on the Forbes magazine list of The World’s Billionaires. He was not a millionaire when he started his film career, but he still had one of the most successful film companies.

Thinking Like A Millionaire

A person is successful when they are able to give more than what they receive in return. In order to have that mentality, you must surround yourself with people that will help you make decisions and be open to suggestions for better ways to move forward in life.

You have to be willing to give up what you think you should have in order to get something you want. Wealthy people are not interested in the things of this world, they are only interested in making a mark and leaving it with something that will benefit generations to come.

There are so many stories of millionaires who did not make it big right away. They kept on working hard and made their way up through the ranks by being even more positive than other people around them.

Here are 17 ways millionaires think and build a mindset for success:

1. Millionaires know how to have fun.

They understand that you have to make time for yourself and downtime, whether it is a low-key night in with friends or an elaborate vacation. Most people feel like they are just treading water, but millionaires know how to enjoy every moment of their life and use it to their advantage. The fact that they are able to master their money means that they can afford the things that will make them happy, which is something most people struggle with.

2. Millionaires surround themselves with other millionaires.

You can learn a lot from people who are already at the top of the game. Those who have already made it know what to do differently than those who are just getting started. Surrounding yourself with positive people will help you get the most out of your life. If you are always talking about how broke you are, then you will never be able to make the change that you want.

3. Millionaires only focus on their goals.

Millionaires know how to use their money for what it is intended for, like businesses or personal as well as lifestyle choices. You need to take the time and understand what you are working toward before you can even start to think about the next steps towards achieving your goal. It might take a while, but if you keep up with the things that make a difference then it will all be worth it in the end.

4. Millionaires set goals for themselves and strive to be better at them.

They know that if they are not setting goals for themselves, then they will never achieve anything. A lot of people try to make it to their 40s without having any goals at all. Not only does this make it difficult to get anywhere in life, but it also makes you feel like you are the same as everyone else.

5. Millionaires are always learning new things.

Wherever they go, they surround themselves with new things and ideas, which is a guarantee that they will always have something to learn. If they are not hanging out with other millionaires, then they will have other people who can teach them something new and give them a different perspective for the things that keep them up at night.

6. Millionaires know that each year has its own story to tell.

They understand that the only way that they will get where they want to be is to keep on moving and do not let their past mistakes stop them. They understand that if you want to improve, then you need to keep up with your plans for the year and make sure that you are achieving more than what was expected of you. If you are not making any progress, then it might just be time to take a break from your plans.

7. Millionaires use their money to help others.

There is no money that is too small to give someone else. While it might not make a huge dent in their wallet, they are still able to change the lives of people in need. Not only will it help them, but they will also get the satisfaction of helping other people get to where they want to be.

8. Millionaires know that they are responsible for their own happiness.

They have learned that it is important for them to make sure that they are happy with how things are going in their lives. If you are always blaming other people for your problems, then you will never be satisfied with anything that you have. It is important to know that if something is not going the way that you want, then it is always up to you to make the positive changes that will make it go exactly as you want.

9. Millionaires do not let failure stop them from achieving their goals.

They are never afraid of failing because they know that they can always try again and get another chance after making a mistake. It might take a while to get it right, but they are always able to find new things that will work in their favor.

10. Millionaires keep their heads up when they have low points in life.

They know that there is always something positive to come out of every situation and look at the positive side of things for a change. They do not get caught up in listening to other people and let what everyone else says affect them. If you are being negative towards yourself and blaming everyone else for your problems, then you are not going to ever get anywhere.

11. Millionaires think about what is important in life.

They know that there is no point in worrying about things that may or may not happen in the future. They understand that the only thing that matters is how they are feeling right now and they know what they should be doing in order to feel better.

12. Millionaires know that they are not better than anybody else.

They understand that everyone is on their own path in life and that they do not need to compare themselves to anyone else. If you are always comparing yourself to other people then you will never be able to get anywhere or reach your goals. Realizing this is an important step that most people never take, so it is important to make sure that you get there as soon as possible.

13. Millionaires understand that they are in charge of their own destiny.

They know that they are the only ones who can decide whether or not they will be happy and successful at their job. If you are always letting others make decisions for you, then you are never going to be happy with your life. They have made it their mission to take control of everything in their lives and make changes based on what they want.

14. Millionaires do not spend money on random things.

Not everyone understands the importance of saving money and millionaires understand that life is about making choices. They know that every time they spend their money, they are making a choice about where it will go next, which means that it is important to think about what you are doing with your money. They do not waste anything and know how to make the most of every dollar in their bank account.

15. Millionaires understand wealth is not the same as money

They know that a lot of people are only looking at the amount of money they have and not looking at how wealthy they really are. Your wealth is not determined by the amount of money that you have, but by how happy you are and the way that you approach everything in life. If you are always worrying about money and trying to make it work for you, then it will never be enough to make you happy. You need to focus on how you feel about things that you are not able to control.

16. Millionaires do not compare themselves to other people.

They have been through a lot in their lives and know that there is no point in comparing yourself to other people as that will only bring you down. Everyone has their own way of doing things, which means that it is important for millionaires to know what kind of person they want to be instead of comparing themselves to other people who earn the same amount of money.

17. Being rich is not just about your money

Being rich does not only mean that you have money in your bank account, but it is also about the life changes that you have been able to make and the things that you are capable of doing. Millionaires understand that if they are not happy, then their money will never make them happy as well. They do not let anything in their life get in the way of making them happy, which means they are able to accomplish a lot more than what other people are doing with the same amount of money too.

Examples of people who thought like millionaires and became one

1. Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie was an American industrialist who began working at the age of 13 and was worth $480 billion in today’s currency. He had a very successful career in the steel industry, eventually creating a large company that made him a lot of money in his own lifetime. He spent his money on lots of different things and has made several important donations to different causes while he was still alive.

2. Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is a famous business man who has become a household name for his money and the way that he lives life, which is completely opposite of other people. If you want to know how he went from where he started to where he is now, then you need to read his biography as soon as possible. He is a lot like Carnegie in the way that he has taken care of his money and donates a large chunk of it to charity, even though he has more than enough to do pretty much anything he wants.

3. Charles Erwin Wilson

Charles Erwin Wilson was the United States Secretary of Defense under Eisenhower before joining General Motors where he became their CEO. In 1956, he received $7 million worth of GM shares and used most of that money for charitable purposes.

4. George Eastman

George Eastman was an American entrepreneur who created the Eastman Kodak Company that made him over a billion dollars without him ever having to do much work to it. He donated most of his money to various charities and ended up giving $22 million in today’s currency to the United States government.

5. Henry Ford

Henry Ford was an American automobile pioneer who joined the Detroit Automotive Company which became the largest vehicle manufacturer in the world. He was able to pay his employees very low wages, which made his company the most affordable automobile manufacturer to work for. After he died, he left all of his money to charity as well.


Once you have read all of those examples and tips, it is time for you to sit down and think about how you can apply them to your life. You need to write down some goals that will set out your life plan in the next few years and try to figure out what it is that you want to do with your money. Once you have figured out what it is that you want to do with your money, then it is a matter of executing on that plan.

If you know that having a lot of money is the key to getting happiness, then you need to sit down and figure out how you are going to get it. If you think that it is important to donate a large chunk of your money, then you should start saving up for donating as much as possible while you are still alive. The point is that your goals are entirely up to you and the only person standing in your way from accomplishing them is yourself.

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