What does it mean to be creative?

Creativity is a skill that can be developed in anyone. Creative people are curious and open-minded. They’re able to look at things from a new perspective, explore different ways of thinking, and see connections others might not notice.

What inspires creative people? Improvisation may be one of the most important things that inspire creative people; it’s all about being flexible and changing with what you’re given.

Are you on the search to understand what does it mean to be creative? Well, let’s take a look at the following definition. According to Free Dictionary, creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something. Many psychologists believe creativity can be linked to intelligence and personality traits.

What does it mean to be creative

Creative people are able to take abstract thoughts and put them into images or words. They have a broad range of interests, which allows them to understand different points of view. Creative people display autonomy, independence, curiosity, and open-mindedness. They’re able to see things from different perspectives and ask questions about what they see in their world.

The five types of creative personalities:

Personality Type 1: The executive (the explorer)

The executive tends to be independent, intellectually minded and logical. They can have a limited number of close friends who are similar to them. Their job is to lead and come up with imaginative solutions. They always have new challenges they need to overcome and problem-solving is their main focus, which is why they tend to work in technology, IT, mathematics and engineering.

Personality Type 2: The promoter (the achiever)

Promoters are the ones who organize and inspire. They create goals and have a high level of organization but have difficulty putting their ideas into action. Promoters work well in business, sales, marketing and advertising as they’re passionate about what they are doing. Their main focus is on pushing ahead and achieving their goals.

Personality Type 3: The independent (the innovator)

Independents tend to be inventive, curious and creative. They are self-starters and their main goal in life is to be their own boss. They can be anti-social and unconcerned about what other people think. They don’t like conformity so they will go against the social norm to make a statement. They are good at solving problems that have never been solved before.

Personality Type 4: The reflector (the empathizer)

Reflectors tend to be creative and empathetic, but not very organized or ambitious. They are able to understand the feelings of different people and can put themselves in others’ shoes. They are great at relating to people and get along with most of the people they meet. However, their main goal is to pursue a passion that inspires them.

Personality Type 5: The representative (the conceptualizer)

Representatives are perfectionists, able to catch small details and observe things others may miss. They have an extra sense and can express themselves in ways that people can easily understand. They are also skilled at reading between the lines, making associations, and noticing patterns in the information they receive. The job of a representative is to convey information clearly. Their main goal is to create new ideas to share with others.

What are examples of creativity?

Creativity can come in many forms. Some people are socially and creatively expressive, while others are more reserved. Creativity really can be anything that involves remaining open-minded and creating something. Whether it’s unique or inspired by something.

Here are some common examples of creativity:

  1. Improvisation can be an example of creativity because it’s a “flexible and adaptive way of using the skill of imagination to create something new”.
  2. An example of creative ideation is the idea for a new product or service that has not been thought of before. For example, inventing the first McDonald’s chicken nugget. This is where you use your imagination, skills and knowledge to come up with something people have never seen before; hence being creative.
  3. Designing a structure that has never been made before. In this career you tend to use your imagination, and apply it to solving a problem or creating something new.
  4. An example of creativity can be seen in photography where there are different ways you can express yourself with the photos you take: by using lights, colors and filters. You can then combine these elements with different ideas to create your own style of photography which is unique and creative. Many photo editing apps offer this feature such as Instagram or Snapchat.
  5. Another example is in writing where you can be creative by combining several ideas and writing them down. Just like the previous example with photography, there are so many ways to be creative and apply your imagination to how you write. You can use different fonts, colors, text effects and add emojis to make the article stand out and unique. There are also apps available for this purpose such as the text editor app Notebook by Evernote or the social media platform Tumblr.
  6. Expressing yourself creatively is also a great way to stand out in the workplace. If you’re a graphic designer, you would most likely be creative by combining different elements (such as pictures, text, colors, etc.) to create something that is unique and pleasing to the eye.
  7. Another example of creativity can be seen in music where many people are creative by writing their own songs or composing their own band. This requires skills in listening and being able to play musical instruments (if applicable).

Can you learn to become creative?

Yes, creativity can be learned. Some people may be more creative than others, but it can still be learned. It isn’t just a matter of thinking outside the box or having a certain level of intelligence.

The best way to become creative is by being more mindful and aware of your surroundings. You can start by focusing on one aspect and taking in as many details as possible.

Next time you are given a new task, take the moment to reflect on what it is and how you can solve it. You can also create your own strategies to come up with a unique solution to the problem.

There are several ways you can stimulate your creativity daily:

  1. For example, biking is a great way for people to become creative because it helps them see things from different angles and use their imagination when they see something interesting along their way.
  2. Another example is reading. Reading books and articles on a variety of topics can help improve your knowledge and help you see things from different perspectives.
  3. Listening to music is also a great way to be more creative because you can stimulate your imagination by interpreting the lyrics in a way that fits your own situation and connects with you on a personal level.

If you want to learn more about how to be more creative, it’s definitely worth checking out our guide to the creative mindset.

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