Sometimes life can just punch you in the face with a whole bunch of overwhelm. You realise that life is overwhelming. I consider myself to be a pretty damn happy person most of the time. It’s one of the lasting traits that people remember me by, a buoyant happy person. In saying that just a couple of days I was on my morning walk and I was listening to the 5 Minute Rule audiobook by Mel Robbins and she was sharing a few stories which were extremely heartfelt. As I continued my walk I found myself with a surge of overwhelm. All the emotions just went boom and I found myself in an irregular state of mind.

What to do when life is too overwhelming

When I got back home after my walk, I saw my wife and just burst in tears. I couldn’t explain the feeling to her. A combination of life’s pressures was my guess. I’d just finished a late night with a 2am bedtime as I prepared for a sales meeting the next. I was fairly exhausted and didn’t want to miss my morning routine which I’d religiously placed into my life. So I got up at my usual early time. which meant 4 hours of sleep. The day prior was also my best friend’s birthday who had died six years earlier and I’d just turned forty the week prior. There were a flood of shout outs for him on Instagram and this had been sitting of my mind. All of these things had to an extent had just came to an intersection in my brain and went boom!

Life is Overwhelming – Talk about it

I looked at my wife and just embraced her harder than I ever had, I told her that I didn’t know why I felt like this but one thing I do know is that I love you very much. Then I decided to let her know how I was feeling inside. At that stage life is overwhelming. To confide in her and for her to let me know it was ok, was the first part in alleviating the overwhelm. I am super glad that was her response. Educating myself on vulnerability was really helping. I then told her my thoughts on why I felt this way (the above mentioned things).

There wasn’t much I could do about how I was feeling. Ultimately unloading all of what I was feeling was super helpful. It felt a great relief and this was lifting a massive load off my shoulders. I realised that when I internalised all these feelings they would just continue to boil inside. Cannot explain the amazing benefit of relieving that pressure and just talking about it. It made me feel better. In that moment, it switched the feeling of overwhelm into immense gratitude for having my wife and my family.

Life is Overwhelming – Dealing with it

As I drove into work that morning. I didn’t do my usual routine of listening to the current audiobook on my list. Turning off the radio for some silence and just spent some time analysing my thoughts. I realised several things. Having turned forty was not a bad thing, it just helped me put life into perspective and the things I was still to achieve and wanted to achieve.

The thoughts of my friend also drilled this home. His life was so short and remembered this helped put things really into perspective. I realised that work had gotten to a stage which I was no longer comfortable and happy with. Then finally the biggest realisation was the collision of all these thoughts made me feel extremely overwhelmed.

Thinking it out, talking about it with my wife really helped. I’m not sure if I will ever feel this level of overwhelm again. I do know that as full on as that feeling was, I was able to step my way through it. Being super thankful I was in a position in life to do that. I could understand how many other people, if in a similar situation wouldn’t have the mindset or the support around them to get past that moment. Reaching back to the feeling of gratitude was a leveler for me and appreciated I was in a privileged position to move past this spot in time. I was super thankful the work I had put into creating a growth mindset.

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