Personal accountability is one of the bedrocks of success because it is the key to self-improvement. It also happens to be one of the most difficult concepts to master because it requires that we take conscious responsibility for our actions. Failure simply won’t happen if you have personal accountability, as you might work on improving your skills or taking time out of your day for self-improvement, and therefore find success in your life.

Why Personal Accountability is Important

What is personal accountability?

Personal accountability is taking full responsibility for your life, your choice to stop blaming others or circumstances, and learning how to overcome all obstacles that are holding you back from success. It means that you understand that you are in charge of your destiny. When we exhibit personal accountability, we’re making the decision to get rid of excuses and to be proactive in improving ourselves and our lives. And it’s not easy.

Why is personal accountability important?

Personal accountability is a prerequisite for success because it separates the men from the boys and makes us all better. Personal accountability gives us more confidence in our own abilities to take charge of our lives and make changes. It also gives us the ability to stop living in victim mode or blaming others and to become proactive in making progress instead of reactive.

13 Reasons why personal accountability is important

Here are 13 reasons why personal accountability is important:

1. It is the key to personal development

Without personal accountability, you cannot improve yourself. So building up a level of personal accountability that demonstrates your ability to improve yourself, is essential to your development. The more you improve yourself, the more confident and effective you will be.

2. Personal accountability leads to success

If you lack personal accountability, you will find it very difficult to make progress in your life because there are always excuses, excuses which when not addressed will simply repeat themselves. Even if it’s something as simple as a traffic jam or an accident of some kind, it can often create barriers in your way. And when you don’t know why, it’s really difficult to overcome them.

3. Lack of personal accountability will stunt your growth

Avoiding taking full responsibility for your actions and your life will not lead to success in your life. Personal accountability is the key to success, as it destroys excuses that lead nowhere and enables us to become proactive. It gives us the power to be self-motivated in our development. We develop because we take personal responsibility for ourselves and we make choices that create improvements in our lives.

4. Personal accountability leads to happiness

Doing what you need to do in life to make you happy is a big part of personal accountability. If you lack personal accountability, then chances are you’re not living your life in the way that’s going to make you happy. By living with personal accountability, you will take control of your life, making decisions that bring joy into your world.

5. Personal accountability will make you understand what makes you happy

Personal accountability helps us to know what makes us happy and what doesn’t. When we have personal accountability, we are motivated to put in the work required to get where we want to go. We also become self-motivated and the results that come with personal responsibility are cherished by many.

6. It’s the key to self-improvement

Personal accountability is the goal we aspire to because it shows us what we can achieve. It means that we understand that there is purpose and meaning in our lives. We are able to move beyond excuses and distractions and make progress in our efforts to improve ourselves, becoming whole again by taking responsibility for ourselves.

7. Personal accountability means being proactive

When you have personal accountability, you put some effort into making changes in your life. When you are proactive, you make things happen. When you take personal accountability, you don’t rely on others to do things for you. You are the one in charge of your life. Having personal accountability means that you will become self-motivated and self-driven.

8. Personal accountability means taking full responsibility

Personal accountability doesn’t mean that we accept full blame for everything that happens to us. It means that we take responsibility for our actions and we do what is required to make improvements in our life. We don’t allow excuses or attempts to blame others for our circumstances, but we do accept that there are situations beyond our control.

9. Personal accountability means change

Personal accountability gives us the motivation to take action when necessary. When we have personal accountability, we become proactive about making changes in our lives instead of waiting for something or someone else to do it for us. Personal accountability embraces change and success. We are able to take control of our lives without excuses like, “it’s not my responsibility,” or “I don’t need to change.”

10. Personal accountability puts you in control

Take personal responsibility for your life, for your choices and for what you do with your life. Develop a habit of taking full accountability, knowing that you are in charge of improving your life and making the choices that will lead to success. Remember that personal accountability is about action as well as peace of mind .

11. Personal accountability is empowering

It’s empowering to take responsibility for your actions and the results that come from your decisions. As you begin to accept personal accountability, you will take control of your life, making choices that will lead to the success you want.

12. Personal accountability means being assertive, not aggressive

Taking personal accountability doesn’t mean being aggressive or manipulative. You can be assertive with personal accountability and get what you want without going after it like a passive-aggressive jerk.

13. Puts the past in the past

Don’t live in the past. Personal accountability means that you are able to move on and leave the past where it belongs. It gives you a fresh start, a clean slate to work with. It allows for forgiveness and enables you to create change in your life, which is what we all want most of all.


To conclude, personal accountability is an essential part of life. It can be the difference between success and failure. Make things happen by taking action and accepting personal accountability for everything that happens in your life.

If you want to learn more about personal accountability check out our guide on how to develop personal accountability. It has 10 practical steps to make sure that you develop a habit of taking personal accountability.

Thanks for reading and good luck on your personal development journey.

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