why success is the best revenge

10 Reasons Why Success Is the Best Revenge

Success is the best revenge has to be one of the best quotes of all time. It is so powerful because of how true it is. Whenever you feel you have been wronged in life, always remember that success is the best revenge. Here are 10 reasons why success is better than all other forms of revenge, not just for yourself, but for all those you hurt along the way.

why success is the best revenge

1. It means that you have overcome some level of failure

The satisfaction of success is something that can never be taken away from you. There is no greater feeling than knowing that you have always had a spark inside you and have always wanted to get somewhere.

No matter what has happened to you in life, no matter how much pain or suffering was suffered by someone else if there has ever been a time where you thought to yourself “hey I can do this”, or “I could get somewhere with this”.

2. Success can never be taken away from you

As long as you live and breathe, there will always be a “there” to go back to. You will have a moment or two in your life that makes the goal of getting back on track seem much more attainable because you feel like it is possible, even though it was just a few years ago that you were dreaming about it.

The biggest example of this obviously is people who get released from jail. They know what it’s like to be on the outside looking in but now, after being in jail for a number of years for whatever reason, they finally get out and being successful is the greatest revenge anyone could ever want.

3. Success will always be a beacon of light

Whenever you return from a failure, what is the first thing you think about? It is the thought of how badly you wanted to succeed. After all those years of wishing you were successful and wishing that your life could be better, success is simply that beacon of light.

4. Success will help you get other things in life

So many people look at success as a “win-win” scenario. As long as you are successful and feel like you have made it, that is great, but there are so many other benefits to being successful. One of those great benefits is that you will be much more approachable by others and they will want to get to know you more.

This might help you get new friends or have a better social life. Whatever the case may be, it is always nice to know that if you are successful in just one area of your life, that success will rub off on many others.

5. Success means you have great energy and a positive attitude

If you have ever been around successful people, they simply exude an aura of positivity and energy that sometimes can be contagious. This can help develop relationships with other people that might have been beyond repair otherwise.

Be it family, friends or work colleagues, when you are successful in one area of your life due to your hard work and dedication, it is normally a good thing to have around. The glow of success can sometimes warm up an otherwise cold relationship.

6. Success is a great way to help others

Many people, they do not like to admit that they have ever struggled in life. It is not often that you will hear someone say “I failed at something once”. The thought of failure seems to be something that most people try really hard to avoid.

When you are successful, however, you feel like you can make a difference; you will want to help others get where they need to go as much as anyone else would want the same for themselves.

7. Success will help you make a move towards the next step of your life

So many people are stuck in the same job, in the same place, with no fresh ideas or no way of moving forward in life. If you are successful though, you will feel like you have something to say and a new direction to take.

You can help others that have been sentenced to live lives of mediocrity by showing them a better way out of their current situation.

8. Success has a way of helping you deal with disappointments and failures in life

One thing that many people have found hard to accept is the fact that they have fallen down in life, but failed numerous times at trying to get back up again. Whenever you fail, you may feel like your downward spiral will never stop or it will be beyond repair.

When success comes your way, however, you can use that as a way to show others what they can achieve if they work hard enough. A way to inspire them to try harder the next time around.

9. Success is always a great feeling

Who doesn’t love a good feeling? The satisfaction of success is one of the better feelings that you can get in life. There really is nothing else that can compare to it. It becomes even better though when you start comparing your feelings of success with those who have betrayed you or have wronged you in some way.

Success is one way to take revenge on those who have wronged you in some way. Even if they are no longer alive, there is a part of them that will always be wishing they had tried harder or would have done things differently. If you make it through the hardships in life and succeed, the people who hurt you will know what it is like to feel that same level of satisfaction and success.

10. Success is something that everyone should strive for

Every person alive has the potential to achieve success if they work hard enough. It all starts with you though and you can only do so much. Always remember this though; there is no greater feeling than success.

You have to have the desire to achieve it to start off with, but once you have fulfilled that desire and are successful in life, you will feel more satisfied than ever before.

Why Is Success The Best Revenge?

Success is not only a great feeling, but it is also one of the best ways to get back at anyone you feel has wronged you in life.

When you are successful, it is like you are sticking your tongue out at those who have betrayed or hurt you in some way. This is true even if they are no longer living.

Remember though; do not get caught up in the petty things of life because they will just hold you back and make it harder to achieve success.

Become successful and help others get to where they want to go in life.

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