Why You Attract What You Are

10 Reasons Why You Attract What You Are

You have probably heard the saying that “you attract what you are”. Kind of like how if you think a lot about it, then you feel that it is going to happen. This idea is based on the idea that whatever you are interested in or attracted to comes to you. In other words, what you attract reflects yourself and becomes part of who you are as a result.

Why You Attract What You Are

This idea is used as a justification for things like self-help books with the same titles being published “you attract what you are”. The idea that you bring out of yourself what you think about is also why people who are motivated to do something, when they get into a situation that reflects what they are doing, will feel more powerfully and easily at home or even in control or able to do it well. You feel what is similar to you and know how to do things easier.

So here are 10 reasons why you attract what you are.

1. You get what you chase

This is because whatever you are looking for seems to appear and come to you if you are going after it. Think about when you have been trying to get something like a date or a job and then finally get it. It can seem like the whole world worked together to help provide it for you. So when something that brings out your best self is showing up, enjoy it, because of this saying, obviously, the universe is helping.

2. The world and others reflect who you are

We were created with a certain perspective, with certain talents and abilities, a certain view of the world. By your attitude, beliefs and values you are projecting as a person and as a result people will reflect your nature. So if you think that money is important to you, then money will come to you to show in material form. People will feel more aligned with your inner being because they see this reflected on the outer part of who you are.

3. You will be with who you are attracted to

Those people that share your interests and passions are part of who you are and so you will be drawn to them by your nature, because like attracts like. Those people that share your interests and passions are also the ones that can support your development and help you grow as a person, so it makes sense that they would appear or come to you.

4. You define your life and your experiences

Because you are drawing them out of yourself, who you are is what you get. What fills your inner being is what will fill your outer experience. You are also directing and guiding the outcome of what happens in life or even in a situation. If you feel bad about something or think it is too difficult then this will be shown to happen, because like attracts like.

5. You will not win if you don’t play

If you are afraid to try something then you won’t get it, because the universe sends you what you are ready for and if you aren’t ready for it then it won’t happen. That is why when one door closes another one opens. The universe gives each person the chance to give their best self a chance to appear or come to them. But if you don’t go after it and pursue it, you are likely to lose out.

6. You attract those things that allow you to get what you want or need

When we see someone who has what we want or need they are often able to help us get that thing we want or need, because they are a reflection of us in some way and like attracts like.

7. You attract what you are feeling

You tend to be drawn to people and situations that are similar or in harmony with your present state of being. So if you feel good about something then you will attract more of it and it will also be easier for you to continue feeling good about it. However, if you are feeling bad about something or someone then it is likely that things or people will appear to show up that reflect that same negative emotion.

8. You make things happen by your feelings

If you are feeling a certain way it is likely that this will produce something to reflect what you are feeling. As above so below. Your feelings, your emotions and even your thoughts or ideas manifest in some way in the material world as a result. So if you feel negative about someone or something, then that is likely to show up too.

9. You attract the people you love

If you are loving and kind then you will attract loving and kind people as friends, as partners, as family. The more you love and like people, the more they will come to you to be a part of your life. If you have an open heart then more hearts will be available to connect with yours.

10. You attract what you are needing

This concept is quite simple. Whatever it is you are experiencing or living, if you want more of it then that is what you will get. If you think loving, sharing and kind people around then this will be reflected into your life and the world that appears to surround you will continue to reflect this.

The wrap

If we can understand this idea about how we attract things that reflect us then it means that our conscious intention does have a power result on the world and on our experience in it. Our positive intentions are more likely to bring a positive effect and our negative intentions are more likely to bring a negative effect.

So it can be useful to reflect on what we want, as well as what we don’t want and then make adjustments or course corrections if we feel that something is out of synch with our inner being.

For example, if we think that money is not important or is too difficult to obtain then we will continue to experience this. But if we decide that money is important and then begin to think about how we can get some, perhaps even by putting positive intentions out into the universe or manifesting strategies that are aligned with our inside self, then it can be a good idea.

So if we inherently think that money is not important and then start to manifest strategies that gain us more and more money, then we will be rewarded for this. If we think that we want to create a home based business or become an entrepreneur and then we design a business plan or work on improving our product or service, then this can be brought into reality too.

We have to keep in mind, however, that things do not always happen easily or immediately. We need to be patient and wait for what we want to come into our life in the way that works best for us. It is a process that takes time and effort, but it can be successful if we calm down and try.

So if we think that we want something to happen like getting more money or creating a home based business then we can create intentions related to these things and also aim at having a positive attitude about them too. We can have peace about them, which will attract more of what we want.

If we think we don’t like something then we can have greater peace about it and have less resistance, which will also attract more that is positive and help us to create what we want. We will be happier and more positive after making a conscious decision to be open, giving and loving in all areas so that our life becomes a reflection of who we are.

Therefore, if you want money, health, happiness or peace then you need to make a conscious effort to love others unconditionally when they act unloving toward you. If you want something to change in your life then you need to make a conscious effort to live the way that you want to live, which is the way that allows it to progress.

If we are happy and peaceful then we can have more friends and family members who like us too. We will attract them as friends and partners if we are loving and kind. We can have more money too if we decide that this is what we want. If we are poor then less money will come into our life, because like attracts like.

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